Seriously...Terrorist Attacks Are A Good Thing

And in the, "...you just can't make this sh*t up department," we have Dennis Milligan the newly elected chair of the Arkansas Republican Party:
At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [Sept. 11, 2001]...
Let me get this straight: You're an advocate for attacks? Get all those leftists and GOP apostates in line, huh?
...the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country.
Ah! So you think that more attacks on Bush's watch will convince us that the loss of civil rights, constitutional violations, billions wasted, and an imperial presidency were all worth it?

Are you sure you're from the same state that produced Bill Clinton?


At least Milligan didn't just outright say "bring 'em on!" Sheesh...

Bush didn't seem to mind that we had been attacked on 9/11/01. A few months after he was quoted as saying "But all in all, it's been a fabulous year for Laura and me." It WAS fabulous for Bush... the attacks gave him that "Pearl Harbor" moment he had been waiting for, the chance to take advantage of public fear as a means for furthering his own agenda.

Thus, it makes sense that other Republican leaders might also be salivating over the chance to get in on that kind of power. So, I guess Milligan might just as well have said "Bring 'em on".
Thanks to the PNAC gang Dubya got the war that he wanted and has made a big mess of it. Failure at everything in his life and a legacy of a failed war in Iraq.

Is Milligan related to Bush??
But Arkansa also produced Mike "I don't believe in evolution" Huckabee, so maybe all the intelligent people left with Bill. Besides, Wal Mart is headquartered there, so you know trhat not only are they stupid, they're stupid evil.
Much to my chagrin, the company I work for has a branch office in Arkansas. Because of this I have to deal with Arkansasians on an unfortunately frequent basis.

Arkansas is, in addition to its unfortunate spelling, weird in almost every other appreciable way.

And they REALLY talk funky southern!
Dang! If this guy wants a terrorist attack, I hope Osama knows his address. I'd hate to see someone else get attacked for his sake!
Snave... Sort of reminded me of Bill O'Reilly calling down the wrath of Al Qaeda on San Francisco back in 2005.

Failure at everything in his life...

Suzie-Q... And are we surprised? We are not! :-)

Lew... That's true. I'd totally forgotten about him. So you're saying that perhaps this joker is the best they could find?
Sewmouse... I don't know, I did some family research there a few years ago and I found the people to be very pleasant and often charming. Western part of the state's quite beautiful too. Of course, I didn't discuss politics with anyone.

TomCat... You mean that Milligan didn't expect that the terrorists would attack the Arkansas RNC headquarters? Say it isn't so!
Golly... if memory serves me on this, President Bush took to the campaign trail in last years midterm with the message that a win for the DEMOCRATS was a win for the terrorists.

I just wonder if Milligan needs some extra surveillance on his everyday conduct. I mean for all intents and purposes, talking about how positive a terrorist attack would be comes very close to making a terroristic threat.
That's like saying a little molestation will teach you to be abstinent...oh well, it is Arkansas.
Nothing like a bunch of mangled bodies to cheer up distressed Rethugs.
I also discussed the unbelievable vile Milligan spew (heh!... kinda sounds like Mulligan stew, no?) at my place. I compared attack-happy Repukes like Milligan to a salivating Komodo dragon... although truth be told, I'm willing to bet most GOPers have worse breath and poisonous saliva than any Komodo dragon.
idiots, idiots, idiots, and idiots. you'd think new elephant chair's would provide a refreshing, more well-rounded look at this debacle... so much for that.
Bat-Sh*t insane he is! This from Yoda Sumo...I have spoken.
Interesting logic from this guy.
Does this mean that terorists could be secret Reublican agents?

Watergate would pale by comparison...

Arkansas voters are a different breed to US voters as a whole.

Clinton hedged on the capital punishment issue as President, but showed no such indecision as Governor of Arkansas...
BHFRIK... Apparently not everyone in the GOP got Bush's message on that one.

Fred... Well, it does seem to be the logic that Bu$hCo is applying to amping up the case for attacking Iran.

Peacechick... As long as they're not his, I'll bet.
Tina... I suppose now he's sorry that he said it. Wonder how long he'll last as the Arkansas GOP head?

...you'd think new elephant chair's would provide a refreshing, more well-rounded look at this debacle...

RAFFI... Well, at least if they ever hope to win back Congress.

Sumo... "Invite Al Qaeda to our shores, I will..." ;-)
Crushed (or should I call you Mr. Ingsoc? :-) )... Welcome to Blognonymous.

Does this mean that terorists could be secret Reublican agents?

Perhaps, or perhaps Milligan's simply alluding to the notion that we should be fighting them over here, as well as over there.
Kvatch, I'd venture to say that Al Qaeda is more likely to attack Democrats. Messing with the GOP might interfere with their recruiting program.
I think Tomcat is right. The terrorists would probably rather see America keep Republicans running the country. The Bush administration has boosted the terrorists' numbers and their standing to unimagined high levels.

Also, Mike "I Don't Heart" Huckabee can go take a flying leap.

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