Opening The Files: 06/11/07

The Amphibious One as I like to call my host here has his Kvetching roundups he does from time to time. I on the other hand like Opening The Files to bring readers a sampling of what's making news in the blogosphere with my own unique commentary thrown in for some flavor. Here now is this week's OTF for all you frogs and frogettes.


Correcting Mistakes vs. Making New Ones

This AM, the blogs are alight with discussion about two appearances on Sunday's talk show circuit. First was former Secretary of State Colin Powell who among other things endorsed closing the detention facility at Gitmo and restoring the writ of habeas corpus. Many will no doubt agree with him that correcting these two blots on our record will go a long way toward repairing some of the damage done to our reputation and image in the world. Powell was also coy about who he'd like to see elected as next president.

Of course if Joe "Cheney Lite" Lieberman has any say in the matter, whoever that is will have a lot more on their plate of problems to deal with. Holy Joe says we should bomb the heck out of Iran if they keep meddling in Iraq. Perhaps if Joe would take a moment to remove the VP's hand from his posterior he might realize that smashing the China Shop next door might not be the best way to fix the Pottery Barn we are currently trying to glue back together.

J. Kingston Pierce wonders if Powell's avoidance of a party preference is a sign that this once loyal Bushie now realizes such fidelity comes at great cost.

The Talking Dog says Powell's unsolicited advice will probably have about as much impact as it did when he was still with the administration.

Jeff Huber says that regardless of whether the Bushies truly intend to drawdown and "go long" in Iraq, the Cheneyites are pushing hard for the "long bomb" in Iran.

Jane Hamsher writes a letter.

Carpetbagger wonders if Joe was one of the "crazies" we were warned about. Cernig says there are enough Little Eichmanns Ahmadinejads on both sides.

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I really did find Powell's comments to be quite ballsy, if somewhat beleated.

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