On The Environment, Democrats To Finish A Republican Job

4 years! For 4 god-damned years California has waited through Bu$hCo delays, administration stonewalling, and EPA dissembling. Every lawsuit that has made it through the court system has ended with a ruling in favor of states that want to regulate their own air quality. With the 5-4 decision in Massachusetts v. EPA, the administration can no longer legally prevent California from putting in place our landmark controls on C02 emissions, and the EPA has been instructed to grant California its exemption. So...just when you think that we're finally going to see some movement on clean air standards... A couple of Democratic f*cks move to finish the job for the GOP.

And who are these "Republican-lite" ass-wipes? Representatives John Dingell (D-MI), a long time friend of Big Auto, and Rick Boucher (D-WV) who together control the committee and sub-committee that write environmental regulations for the House. And what do they want to do? First, they intend to amend the Clean Air Act so that states no longer have the authority to set their own emissions standards, even with an EPA exemption. Second, they intend to take away the EPA's power--affirmed by Massachusetts v. EPA--to set climate rules and vest that power...well...nowhere.

In other words, they plan to f*ck high-population, poor air-quality states on the East and West coasts in order to prevent economic losses in their own states. Way to go guys. Taking that whole party unity thing seriously I see. Just goes to show that money is the motivator, regardless of your party.


Money talks, but lately the bulls**t has been staying. It's getting to be that I am only surprised when they do something that is right, not wrong.

You'd think people would pay more attention since American Idol is over, but they won't.
It looks like some of the dems are now getting in for their slice of the lobbyist pie.
No wonder there was a bipartisan approach to leaving the money pipes open.
Hello, Kvatch.
I see this as a disturbing trend.
It's the judicial philosophy behind this that concerns me so.
It is not unreasonable to look ahead a bit and see that the committee might rule against a households authority to set reasonable limits on the use of toilet paper per sitting.

I might need to go to the store more often.
Ah, yes... Good for business.
Deb... I hope, I hope, I hope Nancy Pelosi doesn't role over for this. It is, unfortunately, the type of legislation that a lot of middle-American states could construe as to be in their best interests, even Democratic states.

Cartledge... Leaving the money pipes open always has bi-partisan support. But I'm hoping that screwing California and it's 33M residents gives some of these representatives pause. Elections and financing are no longer purely local. If 1 in 10 CA residents decided to give $10 to unseat Dingell, he would lose, simple as that.
May acid rain
down upon their
States like tears
Produced by a State
Governed by an actor's
Fate, sewn again
by those who'd
And not castigate
Capitalists who'd
Rather inflate
Their own wallets
as the perpetrate
the rape
the very environment
That prevents them
From suffocating
wow to the musings of windspike.... pretty clever. one thing comes to mind here whatever agenda we debride... money talks, bullshit walks.
I'm liking Windspike's "musings," too.

I guess I'm not surprised. Just bummed.
ProgressiveT... I've often said that, in the face of party intransigence, states should assert their right to a certain amount of sovereignty within their borders. I'm just bummed that we may need to do this because of Democratic party actions.

WS... Nice, nice! Here's a haiku in response:

Make me choke on smog
To pad your bulging pockets
No more fruit for you!
One thing comes to mind here whatever agenda we debride... money talks, bullshit walks.

Raffi... I know, I know. But it looks like Pelosi is going step up and put an end to this nonsense. Good!

Nvisiblewmn... The ironic aspect of this is that Detroit isn't going to sell any more cars in California just because they can ship uber-polluters. It makes no sense.
Isn't is sad that we have the best government money can, and does, buy. You can be sure that when this reaches the Senate, Byrd, the Democratic darling of big coal, will be jumping to support it.
Stupid politicians - all of them. Something is horribly wrong with our system and I think it's time we stop the two party lobby practice.
Excellent Windspike! :)

It sucks that they want to eliminate states to set their own emissions standards.
I don't see the sky.
Breathing air is difficult.
Think I'll stay inside.

California rocks!
But when it's ready to roll,
Here come the shit heads.
damn kvatch, haiku central up in here. i think the world would be a better place if we all had to communicate in haiku

black lungs and red eyes
no i didn't smoke the ganj
it's smog killing me
Wouldn't you just love to find ONE politician that wasn't bought & paid for? Just one? As extinct as the dodo bird, I'm sure.
kvatch, the linked articles about greenhouse gases couch the discussions in terms like fear, believe, worry.

In other words, no science. Just Chicken Little, The Sky is Falling silliness.

How many people die of lung cancer every year? Thousands and thousands. Every one died from inhaling cigarette smoke.

How many people die each year from breathing our air? ZERO.

Yet you want to turn a large but troubled industry -- the auto industry -- on its head, forcing an entire industry to restructure its products to address the neurotic worries of some people in the country.

Typical. Ignore thousands and thousands of deaths that occur every single year to focus on a ridiculous speculative issue that will resolve itself, if it's really an issue.

Frankly, if anyone in California really cared about this issue, talk about forming a new California Clean Car Company would start.

If there is enough will in CA, the money to finance a car company to serve CA's 30 million residents would appear. The population is large enough to support a car company, maybe.

Of course, many people in CA like Corvettes, BMWs, pick-up trucks, Hummers and other vehicles that consume lots of gasoline.

I can't imagine why you would think it's possible to force a huge change on an industry and the entire population of the most populous state in the country when it hasn't been possible to convince everyone that smoking will kill them.
Griffin NSA NPR "What's Hot and What's Not"
Michael Griffin, NSA Director and Bush apologist, in his statement to NPR on the subject of global warming said,"Who are we to opine on what the correct temperature for earth should be?"
Look for this tag line to become the GOP' corporatism' enablers next argument for doing nothing.
Gee whiz, our life is the result of an "Intelligent Design", so who are we to meddle as seas rise, deserts form, water becomes scarce, thousands of earth's species disappear and millions die?

--craig johnson--

Put Bushie Commissars in charge of science. Put them in charge of our Justice Department and substitute propaganda slogans for reasoned debate (or truth); this is the "New Way Forward" for Soviet style America.
Well by now we should not be surprised.

The great thing about capitalism and a representative government is that the money rules. All you got to do is buy a couple of fucks on one side, while you own the other side. Thus, we are screwed.

If we really wanted to start fixing things we would have to start with campaign reform - no corporate money whatsoever.
I'm very disappointed in Dingell, but in his defense, he's simply paying back the auto company executives. He's also indebted to the auto company workers who voted for him and worry about their futures. They voted him into office to protect their jobs and way of life, and damn the environment.

That being said, the writing is on the wall for the Big-3 and those of us who depend on them for our livelihoods. Instead of being part of the problem, we need to learn how to be part of the solution.
kathy, you wrote:

"the writing is on the wall for the Big-3 and those of us who depend on them for our livelihoods. Instead of being part of the problem, we need to learn how to be part of the solution."

If the Big 3 US car companies were able to convert its entire production of cars to small high-miles-per-gallon vehicles, the industry would collapse.

Why? Because millions of buyers want the big gas-guzzlers they continue to buy. If those buyers can't find an American model that suits them, they will find an import that fills the bill.

The auto market is not monolithic. Detroit has long known that it's possible to make more money from larger vehicles than smaller ones. Meanwhile, due to the cost structure of Detroit -- union rules and compensation -- Detroit is incapable of building small cars profitably.

Daimler recently agreed to unload Chrysler for a pay-off of $1 billion. Daimler paid $38 billion for Chrysler in 1999, figuring it could make the company work. Daimler could not do the job.

The new owner -- Cerberus Hedge Fund -- is in the position of putting Chrysler into bankruptcy to void the labor contracts. Given the amount Cerberus paid to gain control of Chrysler, Cerberus will succeed wildly if it takes the Chapter 11 route. YOu can be sure the Chrysler employees know they have no choice. If they fight or strike, they are screwed.

If they smarten up, they will be fine. The company will return to health too.

But foolish and pointless "greenhouse gas" regulations might derail Chrysler's recovery. That would put a huge number of people out of work. For no good reason.
Think about
The argument against
Warming alarmists

There is no
Plausible lament
That can accurately
Debunk the facts

While the canary
Can still sing,
Embrace the Capitalist
Frame and Invent

New industries aimed
At solving the lament
Simultaneously improving
the environment

Thus lining
Your pockets
With the greenest green
And we all win
Don't get between an asswipe politician and a stack of money, you'll get hurt every time.

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