Kvatch Kvetches - The Comedy Central Host's Graveyard

Nope... I'm not really back, but a couple of interesting items caught my attention.

Network television is the storied 'elephant's graveyard' of cable's best news/satire/talk hosts, and the latest elephant to decide on suicide may be Jon Stewart. NBC's courting him you see, and if you think that this is a sign that he's made it, just think back on that horrible day that Bill Maher took Politically Incorrect to ABC. The show was never the same again, and Maher had to return to cable to get his edge, and his credibility, back.

And speaking of cable... How much do you fork over to Comcast, Time-Warner, whomever, per month? Well this poor lady added it up and came up with $2021.52! That's a lot of money for a hundred channels that you don't watch. In fact, the ROI on cable is crap! I pay $24 for my Netflix subscription and $30 for my DSL (that's about $650 a year) and I get along just fine--thank you very much.


Not like you need cable anyhow - anything you want to watch can be found somewhere on the net...

DSL + Netflix = happiness
agreed. it was so sad to see maher's helpless transformation. would stewart fall under such control? likely, but i hope not. cable... i've lsot all interest. and netflix, i pay for two movies at a time and i'm very satisfied. what a great concept.
Denis... No truer words.

I've had DSL for almost 10 years now. I was an early adopter, and although I have a love/hate relationship with AT&T, I'll never share my bandwidth with anyone. I despise Comcast...dispise cable!

Raffi... And the best thing about Netflix is that every show I could want is on DVD, and boy do they look great! I'm going through Six Feet Under right now--looks terrific, and I can watch them at a pace I enjoy, 'bout 3 episodes a week.
Really. I gave up my cable years ago (but happily pay for DSL), and now even my kids don't miss Cartoon Network.
The problem I have with cable, besides just paying more money for a greater array of commercials is paying for channels (Lifetime, Oxygen, Fox News, Classic Sports, ESPN) that I'll never watch. Let me create my own package, maybe I'll come back, but I doubt it.
A freaking $2k cable bill? I'd expect the cable company to fly me to the studio to see some of these shows live for that kind of ka-ching.

Jon Stewart to NBC... only if they put him on late night with disclaimers and plenty of slush money to fend off the FCC. If it is the same show, just on broadcast, that would be great. Thats a mighty big if...
Lew... I wholeheartedly agree! A la carte is the only way to go, but cable would have to go a long way before they'd even approach Netflix value.

BHFRIK... They'll allocate exactly $0 to fend off the FCC. If Bill Maher is any metric, Jon Stewart will be forced to dumb down The Daily Show (if that's what they're buying) so badly you won't recognize it. If it's just him, I doubt he'd be able to do half of his material on NBC.
Funny. I just just dropped cable (and you're right about the not watching the 100 channels, but you should have added because even with 100 channels, there's NEVER ANYTHING ON!) and began using Netflix. Haven't regretted it yet.

No, Jon. Stay where you are! (Actually, Jon and Battlestar Galactica made it the hardest to give up cable. And Stephen, of course).

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