Happy 25th Blade Runner

Sure...it wasn't faithful to Philip K. Dick's original. Sure...The Matrix gave it a run for its money--when you're talking the greatest SciFi movie of all time. Sure...there was no CGI, but it didn't matter then, and it still doesn't.

Blade Runner is still the best. Happy 25th! Ridley, Harrison, Vangelis, you all outdid yourselves.


One thing Blade runner had above all others is women in Spandex.

Happy 25th indeed.
Oh, Harrison Ford, he's so wonderful, I want to bear all his children! Really. That's not a joke.
Could that possibly have been 25-yrs ago? noooo ... I feel so ancient now, or maybe that's my android's dreams.

Agreed, BLADERUNNER is the BEST, as long as we're talking about the Director's Cut (not the original version with dumbed-down narration). ~~ D.K.
Philip K. Dick's books rock, and Blade Runner rules the sci-fi movie nest IMHO.

I also like The Navigator, the first three Star Wars movies, and Dark City... but Blade Runner is still my favorite sci-fi movie.

But yes, 25 years?! Whoa, where does all the time go... !
So I'm asking myself "When's the sequel"? Oh you know some Hollywood jerkoff is pitching it as we speak...
This post prompted me to purchase a DVD copy of one of my favorite sci-fi movies. I also purchased Dune (greatest sci-fi film of all time) at the same time and only later realized that Sean Young is in both films!

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