GOP Good News Friday


You really have to wonder about the ones who hang in there, don't 'ya?
love the logo. this administration's idea of grass-roots is "that black stuff under the grass".
McCain said that once your approval rating is under 30% it is pretty much just blood relatives.

Im sure they will find someone to rip off old people.
JM... They're probably the same 30% who still approve of the conduct of the war.

Raffi... Thanks. It's actually just a variation of one that I produced last year.

...once your approval rating is under 30% it is pretty much just blood relatives.

Crackpot... I think that applies only if you're Mitt Romney. For everyone else the percent needs to be a bit higher. ;-)
Yeah, me too. Things are going great, aren't they?
Hardy har har!

If what's just beneath the grass roots is oil, that poisons the grass, right?

The GOP may be very adept at manipulating language to trick Americans into voting against their best interests, but we should thank our lucky stars that we picked up on the use of the internet before they did. When it comes to grass roots organization, I think Howard Dean had quite a bit to do with strengthening the Democratic party through use of the internet.

I hope the GOP continues to have difficulty with fund-raising. The less money they have, the better. The logo is priceless... spouting oil, and hugely flatulent!
I know, I know, I know! It's because of Bill Clinton, right???
Corky... I hear ya man! I wish I had some donations so that they could fall off 40%.

Snave... Glad you enjoyed the logo. I was really going for "oil and pollution" staples of the GOP agenda, but your interpretation is just as apt.

Jenny! Welcome to Blognonymous. Not just Bill, the whole clan. I'm sure the GOP would find a way to blame Chelsea, if they could.
Actually I heard Bush has a whopping 33% approval rating!

(Survey results taken from a random sampling of his immediate family)
Today it is the World-wide day of the child
George is coming to Aust to give Howard a boost Maybe Johhny should be over there working for George.
Great news! Accurate picture. I'd like to see the party of the wrong stuff and all immorality all the time hit the open grave. Piss right on 'em!

sewmouse- LMAO!
I feel a bout of schadenfreude coming on!
Sewmouse... And the other 67% said that they were holding out until they get their allowances raised.

Robin... Welcome to Blognonymous. Somehow I think that a boost is not what Mr. Howard is going get from our President's visit.
Chuck... The GOP has definitely got a problem, but Democrats are not known for raising more money. I bet if we did some digging we'd find that Democrats are suffering as well.

Kathy... Welcome back. How was the vacation?

Schadenfreude indeed. Ich habe einen Riss in meinem Auge.
Wooo Hooo!! From my perspective it's time to purrr!

Great minds, Kvatch. :-)
Now the people who rely on a paycheck to survive will turn against the GOP, right?
Well...I think it's because Duhba made his poppy cry...(;
Just maybe hard times are convincing them that their party is the cause of this "booming" economy, which by the way has caused them to loose their home to foreclosures', their jobs to outsourcing, and the promised tax cut going to the rich.
I guess the NeoCon Chickenhawks party is over! LOL
Hello, Kvatch.
Thanks for the good news.
I hate too say this but what they lose in donations they make up for in theft. Maybe we can render them to Iraq and put them in Abu Ghraib.

God Bless.
Garbage in garbage out...

OT Frog,

I nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award, I leave it up to you if you want to participate or not.
US President Tim Kalemkarian, US Senate Tim Kalemkarian, US House Tim Kalemkarian: best major candidate.
TomCat... Hope the situation sticks through the next election!

Peacechick... Well, we'll see right? If there is one thing the 'Thuglicans are good at it's making people vote against their best interests.

GEEZERPOWER... Welcome to Blognonymous. So are you saying we can get the donations to drop some more if we can just get Bush to bring other Republican luminaries to tears? ;-)
Let's Talk... Ironic isn't it. We haven't seen a run this big on Wall St. since The Boom, and yet people are suffering. Follow the money.

Suzie-Q... Let' hope that the donations continue to drop.

ProgressiveT... My pleasure.

AnonP... That's probably true. Graft is always better than begging anyway.
Don't ya just love the smell of napalm in the morning?

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