Giuliani's Commitments, Is This A Joke?

Yesterday Rudy Giuliani unveiled his "Twelve Commitments to the American People". People who are familiar with Giuliani's previous record on commitments could be easily spotted because they were rolling around on the floor holding their sides and laughing.

Well Giuliani just had to take us there, so let us examine the path already travelled by Giuliani in order to understand the possible path he would lead us down, regarding commitment. This is a sordid tale, and one that many of you may be familiar with, but as we consider this history let us keep in mind that Giuliani is the one giving us the commitments these days. I'm not just doing this for the sake of slamming Giuliani for no apparent reason.

What do we suppose Giuliani's second cousin, Regina Peruggi,would say about his record on commitments. They were married in 1968, had a trial separation in 1976 were legally separated in 1982, followed by a legal divorce later that year. Coincidentally, Giuliani started dating Donna Hanover in 1982. I'm certain however that their relationship was entirely platonic until the divorce with Peruggi was finalized... because we all know how strong Giuliani is when it comes to commitments. The Catholic church granted Giuliani an annulment on his first marriage which led to Giuliani's next notable commitment.

In 1984 Giuliani married Hanover. 2 children and 16 years later, Giuliani was busted in a extra marital affair with Judith Nathan. Giuliani then famously called a press conference and announced that he was separating with Hanover, before even letting her know of this arrangement. Hanover should have seen the handwriting on the wall though, because she got mixed up with Giuliani when he was previously committed to Peruggi, and he had been caught carrying on with an extra marital affair with a staff member in the late 90's. The resultant divorce was ugly, and was finalized in 2002.

Giuliani is now committed to Judith Nathan, having married her in 2003. With his record on commitment however, one can only wonder how long this relationship will last. Probably not long after the next naughty hottie with a bit of ambition manages to get Rudy alone... but that is entirely speculation on my part! Speculation informed by his past behavior, but still speculation none the less.

I could get into the familial commitment between children and parents regarding Giuliani, but I think the point has been made sufficiently. Giuliani giving us his commitments really should be great material for the late night comedians.


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