For Your Consideration: Blogger Burnout.

Kvatch is taking a bit of a vacation from the blogosphere due to a drain on his blogging batteries. I can almost hear his inner Scotty exclaiming "I'm giving her all she's got Captain!" just as the batteries reach critical. Kvatch has asked some of us to keep the place going, so I thought I'd beat out a post on blogger burnout. It somehow seems appropriate as without blogger burnout I would not be bashing out this particular post in the first place. Odd... I think I've just described my own blogging temporal distortion!

Kvatch posts on a regular basis regarding issues which you don't see get much, if any, play in the wider blogosphere. This style is much more difficult than running to MSNBC or CNN, grabbing the headline from the politics section and letting fly with blogging wisdom. Kvatch has to dig around in the nether reaches of the intertubes, looking for those news nuggets that will interest his readers but are not interesting enough to get the blaring headlines. In the words of President Bush, "it's tough work!"

To top it all off, there comes the sense after slogging along day after day that nothing is really going to change. How many times must one raise the alarm, sound the charge, lay down the logic, and generally scream from the rooftop before we see results? For example Alberto Gonzales may not be fit to be a cub scout den leader, but no matter how horrible he looks after all the hearings, no matter how many tree's are killed to make the paper for the reams of editorials pointing to his manifest inability to lead the DOJ, no matter what outrage is expressed where ever it is expressed... Abu G. still remains in office because of our dunderheaded President. It can seem so freaking futile!

There are moments where it all does seem worth while. Last years mid term elections were validation for all the rants since the 04 election. The fruits of the election are manifest daily with hearings and votes which never would have come to pass without Democratic control of Congress.

But it is understandable when one of our own finally bows out of the fray for a bit of a breather. I used the occassion of my wedding and honey moon last year to bow out for a month... well past my return to normal life following the festivities. We would much rather miss Kvatch in the early summer of 07 than mid campaign next year. So we wish him a relaxing time away from the fray, and look forward to his return, batteries recharged and bringing insight to stuff which we otherwise may not ever hear about.


I feel the same way and as every day goes by it is harder to get enraged by items that the public ignores. I still keep plugging along, for the time being.

Rest up Kvatch, come back soon.
Yeah... I didn't even get into outrage overload. It is like there is just soooo much going on that it's impossible to keep straight. Everyday it's something new. Each new outrage would have been cause for a weeks long scandal, complete with wall to wall coverage from investigative reporters in a feeding frenzy.

But it is so typical in this administration that each new outrage has just become the latest little newsy blurb. Today it is Doan at GSA. She's caught red handed breaking the Hatch act... but does any of the major media bat an eye about it? Nope. You have to see it at Raw story or you won't see it at all. If Doan had happened to Clinton you can't imagine the screaming and hystrionics the right wing noise machine and so on would be going through right now.
I bow out all the time and fill in a few days with posts about nothing. I am already tired of the 2008 election and it could be one of the most important in recent history.
BHFRIK... Nice piece and thanks for the kind words.

In addition to burnout, I actually have a couple of ulterior motives for taking a breather now. First, I'm trying desperately to finish a side-project (a little business that I'm trying to get off the ground), and it involves a lot web development. Second, I'm preparing to switch service providers, and that's probably going to take Blognonymous down for a couple of days later this month.
Deb, BHFRIK... I posted on this very phenomena sometime back, the notion that all this "scandal overload" is just that...deliberately contrived to desensitize us to government actions that we should really be screaming about.

Very sobering that notion.

Scott... But don't you find it interesting how some of those "nothing" posts turn into big discussions?

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