Doing Your Cousin: Still Not Good For The Gene Pool

Newsflash... Having a closed door community of polygamist crossbreeding fundamentalist freakazoids may lead to unpleasant medical complications. Whoever could have imagined?!

Hildale Utah and Colorado City Arizona are twin border cities. About half of the worlds known cases of fumarase deficiency are from that area. The townsfolk thought it was the drinking water, but Dr. Theodore Tarby called the kinfolk together to tell them that the disorder is caused by cousin marriage.

You may recall hearing of this community last summer when the FBI placed Warren Jeffs on it's most wanted list for being an accessory to rape by arranging the marriage of a 14 year old girl to her 19 year old cousin, against the girls wishes. Jeffs was the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints until his arrest.

Between 75 and 80% of the population in the bordertowns area are blood relatives of one of two men who founded the break away sect in the area in the early 30's. This is an example of family values run amok.

There is no proof of this in the MSNBC article I linked to, but let me close this post with one final observation. I'd be willing to bet that this town is among the reddest of Republican areas in the entire nation. Just sayin'...


Well Kvatch... this was my attempt to craft a title that would get clicks from search engines. Although I'm not sure you want the crowd that would be attracted by searching for 'doing your cousin'!
I read a great book on Mormon fundamentalism (and a lot about Colorado City) - Under the Banner of Heaven -- scary stuff.
Hey BH, I live nearby those polyg havens & can personally attest to their adamant repub nature. This, in spite of the fact the families are all on foodstamps and other govt programs which are usually the hallmark of dem supporters. They qualify for AFD and other single-parent programs because the man only legally marries one spouse. Oh but lest the repubs take them for granted, know that they would vote for whoever their prophet told them to. It's a real hive mentality there.

Of course they're all related! Sh*t, they all look exactly alike, wear exactly the same clothes, same hairdos, same zombie-expressions. Something in the water? Puh-leeeze -- just another attempt on their part to get more govt grants.

Local Polyg Newsflash: our favorite inmate, Warren Jeffs, incarcerated FLDS leader & young-polyg-raper who can only appear in court under heavy guard with courthouse sniper coverage lest his minions try something, has just filed to suppress evidence from his arrest cuz ya'know he wasn't fleeing or nothing, he was just traveling around sincity (vegas) unaware that there were warrants out for him. The $50K cash must've been his gambling winnings. Hah!

ps, you & xssociate are doing a great job during the frog's absence. ~~ D.K.
BHFRIK... Actually, all clicks are good clicks in my book. So the title's great! And BTW, that sounds like a particularly nasty little genetic disorder, but conisdering your last observation, I have to wonder... Is the disorder bad enough that you wouldn't be able to vote. That's where the rubber really hits the road IMHO.

D.K... "not absent" but definitely focussing my energies elsewhere for a bit.

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