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On May 26th Blognonymous passed its second anniversary, a fact which I chose not to post about because lately I've found blogging on a daily basis to be increasingly difficult. It's not that there's a dearth of things to write about, but rather that I'm not finding anything interesting to say.

I always promised myself that I'd never let Blognonymous become just a rehash of the daily news--that if I didn't have some unique perspective to offer, something funny to say, that I wouldn't post at all. So...is Blognonymous going dark? I hope not, but frankly my blogging batteries need to recharge, and thus I think that I'm going to have to take a little break, and shift my creative energies elsewhere.

In the meantime, I'd like to make you an offer. Blognoymous gets about 200 visits a day of which about half is search engine traffic. For better or worse, I have a knack for crafting titles that bring in the clicks. So here's the deal: Until my blogging muse returns, think of my humble abode as the biggest open trackback in history. Got a topic you're just burning to generate some additional buzz for? Email me and I'll link to it. Think you can out-kvetch Kvatch? Be a guest poster and give it a try.

With luck, my muse will return, and I'll be back in no time.

Thanks for reading.


UPDATED 2007/06/08 1:10 pm

SadButTrue points out that it may not be obvious how to contact me. My profile is linked to the picture of me in the banner. Just click it, or you can email me at [kvkopf AT GeeMale.com] (you know what to do with that).


While I doubt I could ever hope to out-kvetch you, oh amphibious one, I certainly would be willing to give it a shot. If for no other reason than to give you a well deserved break from having to wade through the various fetid pools of the daily news grime.

Whadda say?
Take a well deserved break and come back when you're recharged and ready.
.... and I have one burning question: How much traffic does "Fat and Phlegmy" bring ya?
Nobody out-kvetches you, Kvatch.
Blognonymous going dark? NEVER! I won't allow it. And I'm The Decider, so I decided it already.

Hmmm, I do have a revealing photo of a certain presidential candidate on my blog....

(Sobbing) "Don't leave us, Kvatch! (Clinging to Kvatch's leg as he tries to hobble away....)
Take care and regenerate into a new and wildly colored froggie. We love you - Kvatch!
hmmmmm... just a couple weeks ago you were reminiscing of bloggers that disappeared suddenly and were missed. hmmmm... i did ask whether there was some personal motive behind the subject.... hmmmm. i guess we can all use recharges. of course, my stormtrooper suit just needs to be plugged-in. maybe you can gobble down the energizer bunny for some inspiration. hope you regain your color soon, froggie.
Kvatch, Kvatch. If you will not entertain us, we will be forced to hijack your digs for memes.
Happy Blogiversary, Kvatch.

I know exactly what you mean about the difficulties of daily blogging. I've found that to be the case with myself lately.

Anyhoo, I hope Blognonymous doesn't go dark, because if I ever attend another BARBARian gathering, I'd sure love to have a pint with ya again one day.
And furthermore: The frog graphic in this post? Hilarious!
There's been no detectable dip in quality here, frogman, but time off is always a good idea. I plan to follow suit sometime this summer or Fall.

Want to be good and ready for 2008.

Hope you're not gone too long though.
Happy anniversary too. Two years is a good long time for such a great blog.

(Exclusive to Blogger Comments) Kvatch's Muse, on a Caribbean vacation, has gone missing. Muse, a 19 year old blonde coed attending University of California at Santa Cruz, was last seen near the rail of her cruise ship after attending a performance by Rich Little in the company of Lindsay Lohan.

It is believed Muse may have fallen overboard, or abducted by Little doing an impression of Scott Peterson, or is helping Lohan shake the DTs at an undisclosed location.

"Please, to whomever has taken my Muse, I'm begging you to return it," Kvatch pleaded on Fox News, which has gone with wall-to-wall coverage of the Muse disappearance.

"It's a good Muse, a kind Muse who has helped a lot of people and never hurt anyone," said Kvatch. "Well, except for that whole thing about Tom Cruise a while back. But that was just an ego injury -- no harm no foul," he said.

Authorities are seeking to question Michael Crichton. "Have you read some of his recent stuff? If anyone needed a muse, it's him," said FBI special agent in charge Brock Frandle.
I've never seen any mention of an email address on this blog. Not even a blogger profile link. Methinks your plan to have people email links to posts to you may have a small flaw.

Of course, you have a good chance of becoming the hub of blogging the psychic community.
Don't be gone too long Frogman. Take time to enjoy the summer with the Frogette, but we'll need you back in the Fall when politics heats up again!
I understand some of what you are saying... I have been attempting to diversify a bit lately by writing about music and maybe some other things, because the usual Bush-bashing, fun though it is, doesn't seem to generate much for me anymore in the way of creativity and fun. I will have to work on that.

I hope you have a relaxing time away! Come back soon! I am taking a few days off, but I doubt I will be able to stay away for long.
We all need a break sometimes. I've taken a few of them. Get out there and enjoy life!
Enjoy your well deserved break. ;)
Bummer....but understandable. You've been in the pot for so long, the frog is cooked...Go get a fresh pot and come on back.

Incidentially, I've got a post on the Psychosis of fear put up at my location today that could be worth a link up. It's me on full rant mode.

We'll see if there are any hits...I don't get near as many hits...I wonder why.
Rest up frog and come back fighting. I just don't have the time I need to do postings like I would like too.

I thought that I would be able too handle at least two a week, however that didn't turn out to be the case.

So enjoy a break and let us know every now and than that your still hopping around.

God Bless.
Enjoy your vacation and come back ready for the good fight!
Have a good break & come back soon buddy. I know where you're coming from, having done it a couple of times myself.



Breaks are good. Enjoy yours.
KV from Craig aka cognitorex
I few months ago I told my friend "Kiko"/Shaun M that I was hanging it up. Then the muse returned for a few issues and I branched out to cover Buddhism and some personal diary posts.
I believe that the reason for your malaise resembles mine in that fifty per cent of the media coverage is personality-lite profiling of 2008 candidates. It's only a step up from the Lindsay, Paris, Brittany bull s**t and not enough to engage bright minds. Until June of 2008 the media coverage will be on expensive haircuts and other junk issues. So. there is less to engage you.
Also with a Democratic majority much is going our way which lets the air out of our blogging fires. Ergo, if the Bushies still held full unadulterated power your keyboard would be steaming as of yore.
Blessed be .. Peace brother!!

(and you are right, it was not logically apparent how to email u, so I will send yu a test mail to check yur address out.)
People tell me they want to learn to think outside the box.

No problemo. The secret is to stay out of the box to begin with.

You crawl into the box when you think about your problem and wrap its known obstacles around you. So quit. Focus instead on an interesting saying, quote, or phrase unrelated to your problem. Crawl inside that bit of wisdom and look at your problem from this cozy new perspective. Don't be surprised if your chosen phrase works like Ali Baba's "Open Sesame," and throws open the door to innovation, wealth, and recognition.

The secret to conjuring powerful strategy – also known as coming up with The Big Idea – is to free your beagle. Abandon the linear, sequential logic of your brain's left hemisphere and engage the pattern recognition of the right.
What a lark-a day without snark! What would I read?
I'll keep checking in on you, Froggy.
Well, clearly you need a vacation! It does wonders for the brain, and makes blogging seem so far away.
Have a good rest, Froggy! I understand the feeling!
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