Blessed Are The Courteous...

Fashiongirl wants you to know that il Papa and the Holy See are very concerned about what you're doing on the road, and they're not going to let you get away with it any more.

"I bring you 15 -- [CRASH] -- 10...10 Commandments!"


Thanks for the flash. I love Pope news!

Was that Eddie Izzard or Robin Williams ripping off Eddie Izzard?
Personally before I start following this crap, I'd need to see the stone tablets that God carved them out in.
Kvatch thanks for the shout out! ~ FG
Speaking strictly for myself here... if some holy roller were to absent mindedly hit me because they were fiddling with their rosary and praying rather than paying attention to the road, I would be royally pissed! There is a very good chance that I would break several commandments, both old and road. Would it not be the height of irony if the road commandments were the cause of increased wickedness because a certain denominations members were causing road rage?
Errr...bless me, Father, for I have sinned...?

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