At Least He Didn't Call Him Benny

Greetings to all lily pad patrons. I am The Xsociate and Kvatch has graciously offered me the chance to fill in for him while he recharges. So I hope you all enjoy my sometimes serious and sometimes snarky take on the news and politics of the day.


With Paris-a-palooza looking as though it could be finally dying down some, I'd like to turn our attention to another spoiled oligarch whose decision making processes could have a far greater impact than a drunk Hilton behind the wheel.

I am of course speaking of President Bush. He is currently doing a bit of globe trotting, having attended the G8 Summit and making a layover at the Vatican this weekend. Anyway, Russia is currently in a bit of a tizzy over the pending placement of missile defense batteries in various European countries. To try to allay the concerns of his soul-eyed Russian counterpart, President Bush had this to say.
My message will be Vladimir — I call him Vladimir — you shouldn't fear a missile defense system.
Now we know Bush has at best a fleeting relationship with the English language so it's not surprising that the above audio comes across as "Vlademer". Making ones name sound like something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon does not strike me as the best way to calm rising tensions.

Well, Dubya has now made what some are calling a Holy Gaffe by referring to Pope Benedict XVI as "sir" rather than the usual "Holiness". But with this president's proclivity for making up pet names for his associates, we should all just be thankful he chose to abstain from some of his more colorful colloquialism.

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Ever single time Dubya opens his mouth to say anything at all, I cringe, KNOWING embarrassment and humiliation will soon follow.
Hi Xsociate

Every time he opens his mouth, I change the channel or turn off the t.v.

I did hear the "Vladimir" gaffe on the news. My jaw would have dropped but nothing that fool does surprises me anymore.
Welcome aboard X.
Thanks for jumping in the pond X. Should be fun swimming with you.
I think that should be... "Your Holiness, Sir!"

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