Your Environmentalism On Your Arm

This season's 'must have' fashion accessory, at least for the glitterati who want to wear their environmentalism on their arm, is a canvas tote by designer Anya Hindmarch.

Now setting aside for the moment that a bag announcing that it's not plastic is akin to one's saying, "I'm not really an environmentalist, but I play one on TV," Blognonymous wonders about the utility of a bag that really can't haul much of anything. Sure, if you're in Walgreen's buying toothpaste...no problem. But you could just as easily use your purse, backpack, or whatever if all you're trying to do is avoid a plastic bag.

On the other hand, though it can't hold a decent sized load of groceries, it is big enough for a screenplay, and after all it only costs $10.00. If you can find one. If not, they're going for $90 to $400 on eBay.

Thanks to Lo @ Braless Living LA for the inspiration.


Hey, Kvatch - did your Shell Station raise it's prices recently?

I soooooo had to laugh when I saw that.

Hmmm. $90 - $400 for crappy canvas bags, huh? I bet I could manage to sew up a few knock-offs and make a few dinero...
oh, this is the bag paris hilton carries her sharpened toothbrush in... and it reads "i'm not a plastic hag"
sorry sewmouse, chinatown has already capitalized on the knock-off.

Turns out that Shell station was just trying to screw Shell before going out of business for good. The odd thing was, they were at it for 3 years.

Regarding the bag, if you do it, I'll buy from you! But the only way to really make money is to BE Anya Hindmarch to start with.

Raffi... "I'm not a plastic hag"!

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Though I suspect that there is plenty of plastic in Paris. If she really wanted to be an environmentalist she'd go for Hemp. Surgery.

Cognitorex sent me an email saying it was hard to comment on your blog. I'm not having any difficulty at the moment but then ...

I have a great little bag that folds into itself, hangs off of your purse, belt or key ring and cost me five bucks at Cosentinos. Plus, there is the Trader Joe's bag, it's only 99 cents, but it might not be designer enough. ^_^.

I'm trying out my Japanese signs, snicker.
"I'm not really an environmentalist, but I play one on TV,"


Yeah I wonder if Paris can get it in prison orange?
Deb... I currently host Blognonymous with 1and1 Internet, and they suck! If Cognitorex is having problems, it might be 1and1. Updates from Blogger to my site often don't take because Blogger can't do the uploads. Please extend my apologies.

I'm working on finding another hosting company.
Deb... For me it's those sturdy (and very roomy) canvas toes that you get for subscribing to public radio. I can pack those things with so much stuff that I can't carry them home without my arms going to sleep! :-)

James... I'm sure Ms. Hindmarch would oblige if she knew that Paris wanted one.
In regard to your offer yesterday, the answer is an enthusiastic yes. Please drop me an e-mail (should be in my profile page) and let me know.

Thanks, Froggy.

Thanks for pointing out yet another good way to help make a difference. Our choices at the local markets around here are only "paper or plastic", and nowadays, plastic is used unless one says they want paper. I think getting a few good-sized tote bags sounds like a good way to go. I don't think it would have to be anything "designer" either, although if there were some available with leftist political slogans like "Impeach Bush/Cheney" I might have to get those.

Paper? While I realize the local economies in the area where I live are still very dependent upon timber dollars, I don't like certain common forest practices such as clear-cutting. I would like to see better ways, like thinning, used to harvest trees. Anyway, less use of paper bags does = less trees that need to be cut down. At least paper bags can be recycled, and they are biodegradeable.

Plastic? Heh... Isn't plastic a product made from fossil fuels? There is SO much plastic in our lives, enough nowadays that we probably can't live without it. Just the same, if we can use less of it, it helps, in large part because while some plastics are recyclable, many are not exactly biodegradeable.

So I like to request paper bags, but heck with that. Time to invest in some totes.
The yuppy answer to anything - buy!
Excellent Falwell eulogy bwt

As far as the bag...kudos to the person making money off those who want to appear to be "environmentally friendly".
"Blognonymous wonders about the utility of a bag that really can't haul much of anything." you talking about you in the third person.


Well the maid would be carrying the heavy stuff, but only once a week...that's a joke.

I came up with that joke from the 100 mile guy, low impact guy. He's writing a book in his 5th Avenue Apt in NY about low impact living. People were giving him much shit, as they should (I did in a post called, Are you shitting me? the name of the NY Times article was a year without toilet paper) and someone mentioned about him having a maid and his answer was something like:

I'm not rich, she just comes in once a week...that to me is so hilarious.

I'm not rich I only have a cheap Mercedes.

I'm not skinny, I am a size 4, 0 is the smallest.

In America everyone wants to be middle class, the rich and the poor. Someone can live in a hut and they'll say they are middle class. Someone will go on trips to Europe once a year to go shopping for spices and they'll say they are middle class too.

Maybe in America we should cut the bs out just a little.

I think the first step in fixing your problem is admitting there is a problem.

Eco bags, I just want to smack someone. I'm an environmentalist and I want to smack someone.

I don't know what my $.99 Giant Eagle bag is made of, but it's sturdy and fits a lot of stuff. Plus I get over feelin' like a dork carryin' it into the store fairly quickly.

All joking aside, my company changed hands, so a bunch of our old giveaways were given away to employees (because they have the old company name on them). Among these were a LOT of nylon tote bags, similar to the one in the photo in design, but large enough to hold about as many groceries as one and a half of those crappy, thin plastic bags that they give you at the supermarket.

I have a dozen of them and Mrs DBK and I use them when we go tot he supermarket. Reusable bags like this are a great way to reduce the use of plastic. We no longer have any of those little bags around and we don't have to take them back to the store to recycle them, either. The straps on the reusable bags fit comfortably over the shoulder, too, so we can carry more bags at one time. We each keep half a dozen of them in the car so we can use them whenever we go shopping.
Snave... You're welcome. Think I'm going to do "public service" post on which public radio stations offer the "big totes" as a thank you gift.

I've got three canvas totes, but the largest is the KQED bag. Damn thing can hold so many groceries I can't schlep it home from the store--got to be careful about how I pack it.

Peacechick... Seems that way, doesn't it? Personally, I'm in a divesting phase.

Polishifter... Thanks man. Sorry about the commenting. Didn't look when I first posted it to make sure that the commenting was turned on. Not sure how it got shut off.
Lo... Frogs have no self-awareness. So we're not able to refer to ourselves (or our blogs) in the 1st person. ;-)

Regarding the "I'm not rich..." thing. I'll admit that I do have a cleaning person (great guy, sort of reminds me of Agador from 'The Birdcage'), and I recommend that everyone that can afford one get one. Two reasons: First, our's does a much better job of cleaning than the Frogette and I would do. Second, the ROI is tremendous. All I have to figure is how much 6 hours of my time is worth. The benefit is clear. As for the car, don't own one, so I can't speak to that.
Plus I get over feelin' like a dork carryin' it into the store fairly quickly.

Michael...an attitude of smug superiority works for me.

DBK... Read the reply to Snave. I get my bags from public radio. Great stuff, and it makes me feel good supporting the local PBS/Public Radio affiliates.
I just use a backpack to do my choirs, may that be carrying books to school, taking groceries home or stuff I take with me for field work. Pretty much my second pouch. Oh, and it's some sort of plastic/artificial fiber. :)

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