A Vanity Plate Meets Its Fate

Seems to me that if you're going to allow vanity plates at all, then either 1) You need to do a pretty good job of screening what people put on them, or 2) Have clear guidelines about what is acceptable and what it not. MPEACHW, the plates owned by Heather Moriah of Rapid City, South Dakota, don't seem to violate that state's guideline: That the plates not, "...be any letter combination which carries connotations offensive to good taste and decency." What the South Dakota DMV doesn't tell you is that they'll use their power to recall a particular plate if even a single person complains, as happened in Ms. Moriah's case.

Pretty extreme, you think...or maybe just pretty stupid. With such a lax standard, all of those God fearin' South Dakotans who use their plates for proselytizing may soon find DMV missives of their own in the mail. Remember it only takes one complaint.

And while where on the subject, I wonder how the South Dakota DMV would feel about:



Those Fox news watching Rush Limpballs listening Republicans can dish it out, but they can't take it.
Those poor South Dakotans. Skeery bunch.
I guess once you have paid the vanity tax the state has little to lose.
Personally I prefere a full car topper spelling out tyhe message.
But that is now outlawed in Australia because no one pays tax on the public advertising.
With a bit of luck all vehicle advertising livery will be banned.
How 'bout FUSDDMV.

Not many would get it, especially in my home state of Florida, but it would make me proud.
Lew... And they're not even very imaginative. "MPEACHW"? They want to retract that? What happens when someone slips "4NICK8" by their screeners?

Peacechick... First laws that should want to make the entire female population leave the state and now this. Where will it end?
Cartledge... Are you saying that you can't even scrawl your message on your...would it be billboard atop your car? What the hell are they thinking in that continent-sized desert you call home? ;-)

SA... I like it! But to make it a little clearer how about "4QSDDMV"?
South Dakota just gets creepier and creepier.

Try wearing your own T-shirt on a plane. If it's positive for the unelected fraudulent LIAR, no problem. If it's speaking out against him, off you go.

Its effin totalitarian, is what it is.
Nvisiblewmn... "...gets creepier"? I'm not sure how it could be more creepy. ;-)

After last year's anti-choice legislation, I was sure people would flee the state in droves. I would have.

Chuck... I've alwasy wanted to try that "statement" thing on an airplane. Maybe go on with the Frogette. She'll wear a pro-Bush shirt. I'll wear an anti-Bush shirt, and we'll see if one or both of us gets thrown off.
It's a dumb law, but the person who called to complain only succeeded in bringing more attention to the plate than it might otherwise have received.

I wonder if the state will start getting a rash of calls from people "offended" by other plates they see?
I wonder if it was even a South Dakotan who complained... I wonder if they have such a law here in Oregon? I have seen a number of religious vanity plates that have either snuck by the monitors or are allowed under Oregon law. I don't like being preached at, maybe I ought to be one of those "persecutors of Christians", eh! 8-)>

I think one like GWBSCKS would be great, or maybe DUMPGWB. I could also go with DUBTARD.

Mine are SNAVE and SNAVE2, and nobody has been offended by those yet... people just ask me what "SNAVE" means. It is my last name backwards, and an old nickname from high school. Vanity plates are unnecessary, but they can be fun.

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