Too much irony for a Friday afternoon?

Making the illegal...illegal?
The House of Representatives has added an amendment to the Intelligence Reauthorization Bill making FISA, "...the exclusive means by which domestic electronic surveillance for the purpose of gathering foreign intelligence information may be conducted". But the headline reads:

   Bill bans illegal govt eavesdropping

Huh? Say again. I'm sure this bill will move Bu$hCo to dismantle the program. Could Blognonymous humbly suggest that taking the administration to court might be a better move than making what is already illegal...illegal.

Buy our product or we'll sue you!
Here's the deal: The DMCA requires that when Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is present, it must not be circumvented. But the DMCA doesn't say anything about the lack of DRM or whose particular solution has to be used. Well..unless DRM supplier, Media Rights Technologies, wins a suit that says that simply because their solution "has been proven effective", media giants like Apple and Microsoft must use it. Got that? "Use our product or we'll sue you!"

I'm expecting a lawsuit from the major auto manufacturers any day now saying that not only must I buy a car, I must buy their car!


It would certainly remove a lot of stress when it comes to replacing a car, Kvatch. No more looking at the zillion different makes and models and trying to work out which is best.
Careful what you say frog...what you have describe is the corporatists wet dream..."Consume our products or go to jail! Use Credit Cards, Second, even Third mortgages on your house if you have to..."
"Making the illegal...illegal?" And who are we mere mortals to ponder the mavels of public policy? Trouble is the Dems might like to have those powers one day...
A simple addendum that states, "This means you!" might have have sufficed.

As to the car, I sure hope that I can afford the next one I'm assigned.
Daniel... Perhaps we don't really need a zillion different models anyway. They'll just assign me a pickup, and I can be happy that I'll have to start spending $12,000/year for the privelege of owning a car again. Damn I'm lucky!

PoliShifter... You're probably right. After all we're already on 40 year mortgages. Soon our children will get to inherit our debts.
Cartledge... I don't doubt that if the courts were to find in favor of Bu$hCo that the next president Democratic or Repbulican would use whatever powers they get. But I'd be willing to risk it.

Zenyenta... :-) Or how about "Read my lips. No new taps!"
On the firet part, take them to court. On the second, huh? :-|
"Buy my product or I'll sue you." Yup, that's what it's coming to. More and more industries are falling back on this type of "free enterprise."

On that note, you have to read my blog, click on the ads and leave a comment, or I'll sue.

Who Hijacked Our Country
The House actually spent time passing a bill "outlawing illegal domestic wiretapping"? Talk about a Duh moment.

And if the admin ignores this law (if it becomes law), Congress will just have to pass another bill that outlaws the violation of a law that outlaws illegal domestic wiretapping.

It's just so much easier than confronting the admin in court.
Oh man, my ironitis is flaring up.
TomCat... On the first part...right you are! On the second part... I couldn't believe it either. The notion is just so damn strange I can't imagine it won't get thrown out of court.

Tom... "You talkin' to to me?!"
Abi... Too...many...laws...too...
much...recursion... [BOOM!]

SA... You know I bet one of those spam emails you keep getting has a cure for that.

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