Time Congress Accomplished The Mission

This evening, The Decider will veto the Iraq funding bill, and at Blognonymous we say, "GOOD!" Because it's time Congress got off their lazy asses and did what they were elected to do.

Presidential veto? Big-f*cking-deal! Once the ball is back in Congress' court the way forward is clear. Send Bush a second bill that contains just $20B dollars for one purpose, and one purpose only, to get our troops home, and make it clear that if he vetoes that bill, there will be no general defense appropriation this year--NADA, DIDDLY, BUPKIS!

Bush, Gates, and Petraeus can then fund the war out of their own damn salaries...end of story!


If they could overturn the veto, it would be sweet. The hold would be officially broken and maybe, just maybe (not holding my breath or putting any money on it) we can work our way out of the hole we're in.

Maybe Halliburton would be willing to cough up some of the billions of dollars they've squirreled away into the "Cheney Retirement Portfolio" to finance the return of our forces.

Naaah. Probably not.
I was thinking the same thing. President Bush has a lot of wealthy supporters. If they think the war is right, they can pay for it.

It won't be a tax increase then. More like an investment opportunity
Deb... Guess my point is that the veto is irrelevant. Congress has the power to end the war, right now, but they probably won't choose to use it.

Haris, Scott... Wouldn't that be something? Bu$hCo goes to Halliburton or to the wealthy doners and says, "Time to pay the piper boys!"
I think they should also include a kick in the rear along with the 20B.
Yeah. I'm trying to be optimistic that they'll be able to override the veto this time. Probably not, but there's always hope.
Peacechick... I like the kick in the rear. Since I live in Babylon by the Bay, can I volunteer to kick Nancy Pelosi's rear? :-)

Mags... I'd sort of rather seem them tell the administration where to stick the veto by just refusing to spend any more money. I mean...the President can't sign a bill that doesn't reach his desk. On the other hand, maybe Bush will pull a "May surprise" and not veto.
That's what Biden is going around saying. "Shove the bill down his throat" were his exact words.
Bupkis? You must have tapped into Tony Snow-job's vocabulary pool.

P.S. Consider yourself tagged as a thinking blog: http://educationalwhisper.blogspot.com/2007/05/ive-been-tagged-as-athinking-blogger.html

Blog on Kvatch...blog on all.
That's a great idea, withholding funding for everything except getting the troops out of there. Unfortunately that takes more huevos than most of our "representatives" have. A lot of Democrats will say what their constituents want to hear, but their top priority is a smooth-sailing career, with lots of donations coming in and nobody rocking the boat.
Even if the Congress overrode his veto he would still go ahead under the Unitary Executive theory.

He would order the Treasury to cough up the money. At that point I think that the Congress should order his arrest as an enemy combatant and hold him indefinitely as some secret prison in the middle east.

That's what I think.

God Bless.
SA... No kidding? Well now that Bush has vetoed the appropriation, the Dems will get their chance to do just that I guess.

Windspike... Thanks for the tag. It's greatly appreciated, but I think that I'm going to have to pass on this round. I've already been tagged a few times in this meme already.
...but their top priority is a smooth-sailing career, with lots of donations coming in and nobody rocking the boat.

Tom... So then the trick is to convince the Democrats that if they don't cut off the funding then their careers are about to become very "unsmooth".

AnonP... You may be right, but he's still got to divert the money from somewhere, and Congress would have the opportunity to take the issue to the Supreme Court.
I'm with you all the way...I said the same thing...just say no!
I think they should have done what President Bush did and not acknowledge the veto happened. Say they don't browse the Internets or watch the TVs
"I've already been tagged a few times in this meme already."

Well, if that's not a compliment, I don't know what is.
Sumo... Did you read that Clinton and Byrd may introduce legislation revoking the war powers resolution? Pretty strong medicine!

Scott... Can they do that? :-)

Mags... Tooting my own horn a little here, but it was 4 tags officially and one honorable mention.

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