The Terrorists You May Not Know

The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has really got our backs. Their terrorist watch list is a veritable 'Who's Who' of seditious, perhaps even dangerous, organizations--gays, and peaceniks, and tree-huggers...OH MY! But after an in-depth investigation by intrepid journalist Kvatch Kopf, Blognonymous has uncovered the full list of radical organizations. Prepare to be shocked!

M.A.D.D, Tuscaloosa Chapter -- These un-American busy-bodies want to interfere with your God-given right to drink and drive.

Mobile Women's Auxiallary -- Held a bake sale featuring French crullers!
(ADHS Note: Undercover agent pushing for the next sale to feature 'Patriot Pastries')

Florence Quilting Circle -- Known for their subversive 'Peace Quilts' and for using inflammatory rhetoric like "What Would Jesus Do?"

Montgomery Horticultural Society -- Planted whole gardens with red (commie) roses and yellow ('cut-and-run') daisies.
(ADHS Note: May be susceptible to pressure to plant wholly 'American' (i.e., red/white/blue) gardens.)


Alabama scares me Kvatch. Make it go away.

Thanks for the link. I am honored as well.
I never trusted the Horticultural Society. Bunch of pinko America haters if you ask me.
Those quilters will shoot you just as soon as look at you!

And what kind of crazy people are against drunk driving? That's unAmerican!

Well, you know what they say. You can lead a Hor to culture but you can't make her like it.
I'm not surprised they didn't include the Future Farmers of America and the Girl Scouts.
Captain... Beautiful state, but if it were within my power...I would.

Scott... Yeah, you can't trust people who grow things as a hobby. If you can't eat it, what's the point?

And what kind of crazy people are against drunk driving? That's unAmerican!

Tafka... My thoughts exactly.
Diva... :-) :-) :-)

Larry... They're under investigation, I assure you!
Well, I don't know about those quilters! Don't mess with them... I hear they carry big needles! LOLMAO

Good post! :)
Note to self: Don't ever go to bama.
Suzie-Q... Funny you should mention needles. I did a post about a year ago about how the TSA was letting people through with foot long knitting needles while at the same time they were making mother's prove that the milk in that 4 oz bottle really came from a breast.


TomCat... Ah, but it is a beautiful state, ADHS aside.
Looks like they're out to get our Grannies!
The Quakers are also listed as potential terrorist. The do peace rallies I believe.

What do you think we bloggers are called? Potential Terrorists!!!!

What the Hell do you expect from Fascist Christian Republican Nazi's anyway? Better get use to it as it is going to be like this for a long time.

God Bless.
...just another reason to steer clear of the deep South.

Man, I wonder what they'd do to me -- a tree-huggin, animal-right protectin, gay-right supportin Yanky liberal.
Paranoia comes at a high price, doesn't it?

The W, Rove and Co would have us fear our own shawdow for causing darkness in small corners of the earth because combined we might block out all the sunlight avialable on any given day.
Nvisiblewmn, AnonP... It is truly amazing. Even if you discount the one's I made up, the other's are not that far off.

Gay rights advocacy groups? Come on! What...is the ADHS afraid that they'll cause a ruckus in Restoration Hardware?!
Lizzy... I think that the apocryphal defense offered to Judge Roy Bean ("the law West-o-the-Pecos") might apply in your case: "Judge...she needed hangin'!" ;-)

Windspike... In ADHS defense, they removed the site, but what morons! Did they really believe that this wasn't going to get out and cause a stir?
What about those infiltrators who cook cookies? Communism starts with the same letter as cookies so cookies might be a political weapon cooked up by the Russians and the Chinese.

Alfresco might be a front for Al Qaeda! Where will it end?
French crullers!

Those bastards deserve what's comin to em'.
Their list probably included just about any group that wasn't affiliated with (or supported by) Christian fundamentalist churches.

Hell, if we can call them enemy combatants, we can catch 'em all and send 'em to Gitmo! Yuk yuk!

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