Sure you know obscenity when you see it?

Tania Derveaux, a candidate in upcoming Belgian Senate elections this summer has had it with her opponent's ridiculous promises of 400,000 new jobs. So she's promising to produce 40,000 blowjobs for her supporters. Sign up at Ms. Derveaux's campaign site, vote NEE, and if she wins you can collect your spoils in real life...or Second Life.
...and although I'm sure that the good book would have something to say about Ms. Derveaux's campaign, if you live in Hong Kong you may not get to find out. You see 800 residents have demanded that the book be restricted as 'indecent'. All that sexual and violent content, you know.


Wow. Democracy's come a long way since the chicken-in-every-pot days.
Dunno froggy. I asked around and could not get any of our supportewrs here to volunteer for that task...
Now THAT'S a campaign strategy. LOL!
Abi... I somehow think that Hoover couldn't have pulled it off. ;-)

Cartledge... It's a tough sell, I admit. Imagine being Ms. Derveaux's chief of staff.

Lizzy... If it succeeds, I doesn't seem to me that Ms. Derveaux will have much time for legislation, but her supports will probably love her anyway! :-)
If not "Hoover", who better, Froggie?

Hmmm, two things I need to do now!

First, I need to see if I can become a Belgian citizen in time to vote for Ms. Derveaux.

Then, I need to see if I can become a citizen of Hong Kong and sign on to their petition!
Sounds like just another campaign promise to me.....
The only trouble with the bible banning is it will increase youth readership in Hong Kong considerably.
Sewmouse... No PUN intended! :-)

Snave... If you're able to obtain dual Belgian/Chinese citizenship, I want to know about it! Where would you live in that case?
Lew... What?! You don't think she'll follow through? What are you, some kind of damn cynic? ;-)

Aaron... There you go. Another fine example of the law of unintended consequences.
Unbelievable. I don't know which is more ridiculous! The Washington Post's Offbeat blog has coverage of both the bible story and the Belgian Election too, but with a few more details including comments from the NEE party's Tania aka the BJ Queen.
Hillary could try the same tactic, but I fear it would drive voters to the GOP.

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