Silencing the Scams


Well that would be a start. Now get one for old shooter too. Don't worry about one for Alberto, he can't remember where he was yesterday. Just put him in a padded cell and that'll be fine.
I never dreamed that anyone could put together a team of nincompoops like this. Cries out for adaptation.
PoP... Realistically, we shouldn't be wishing for Bush to shut up. The more he talks the more damage he does to the GOP.

SA... No doubt about it. They're dumber than a bag of hair.
Bush in a muzzle sounds like a good photo op. I do like it when he does his speechifying because everytime he does, his poll numbers drop more.
LOL! Lets hope this gets around to Laura... :D
it's actually a nice look for w
Peacechick... That's certainly true. Take this debate over the war funding resolution. Every time the word 'veto' comes out of Bush's mouth, his numbers drop a half-a-point.

BHFRIK... Oh that was an image that I didn't need this early in the morning. :-)

Raffi... You mean in the 'I have a nice B&D business lined up for after my presidency,' sense?
Unfortunately, he can still talk with that muzzle. I'd rather see duct tape.
You know, every time Bush opens his mouth, I become a little bit more convinced on the theory of Creation.

Because Nature Herself in Her Divine Wisdom would never have allowed something this STUPID to have evolved (de-volved?), much less reproduced itself...
For me, every time President Bush speaks, I am more amazed that anyone can believe in intelligent design. If anything designed him, it was not all that intelligent
Diva... Right you are, but imagine what he would say:

"Oh, and Condoleezza, just one more thing. Love your suit!" ;-)

Sewmouse, Scott... Actually I think it does argue for a higher power. I mean, say your a deity...don't you want to make yourself look good in comparison?
I thought he did the barking and Cheney did the biting ;)
"Oh, and Condoleezza, just one more thing. Love your suit!" ;-)

LMAO Kvatch! You're too funny!

As far as that picture- good one. Except, I hate it every time I see that LYING, would-be-dictator standing in front of our flag. Same for that snarlin' DICK cheney.
Denis... I think that Cheney does the barking, as in "What's ma name Bitch?!" And Bush does the wimpering.

Chuck... Many thanks. I do like to think, though, that the mask helps a little. Dontcha' think?
Get him out of here before he eats our faces!
A muzzle would shut him up, but you'd have to break his fingers too if you want to stop him from writing vetoes and issuing signing statements.
Actually, I think he's saying things like "I ate the 'Murkin's democratic liver with some fava beans and a nice kee-yan-tey."
Bush probably does think the American poor would taste good with fava beans and chianti. That is a great picture...

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