San Francisco Chronicle Looks To Blognonymous For Inspiration

Less than a day after I posted on San Francisco's infamous Shell gas station, the Chronicle does a story that fleshes out the situation.

We here at Blognonymous are honored to be a source of inspiration for the Chron and don't mind at all that they didn't even give us a godda--...I mean...didn't reference us.


"...I guess when people see that price they also see the Shell sign right next to it."

That line cracked me up.

And hey, what's up with that Chronicle? They could give a frog a hat tip, I think.
The Chron hates frogs! Why? I think that would be a scathing headline in tomorrow's front page.
You cudda been a star! Interesting article though how the guy jacked up the gas prices to protest the corporate a-holes that are Shell.
Nvisiblewmn... You'd think, but noooo-oooo-oooo! :-)

Peacechick... They're just biased because I got there first.

Ron... I could'a been a contender! But you're right about the article. I never would of guessed that the guy did it deliberately.

BTW, not lie they runa serious journalistic type paper anyhoo
Dang, Kvatch! I would have given you a hat-tip and link!
Denis, Tom... I don't really believe that they got their idea here. They got that article up too soon after I posted mine, but does that mean that I won't milk it for what it's worth? Not on your respective nine lives!
So, the MSM claims blogs are irrelevant and won't last and now we see them turning to blogs for inspiration. Too bad they don't a few cues on what bloggers are saying about the war.

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