Retroactive Immunity for the Telcos

Another constitution busting limitation on the court system is making its way through Congress. This time the Bush administration wants to grant sweeping immunity from civil and criminal litigation to the Telcos whenever they assist with terror investigations. And just what form does that 'assistance' take? Think AT&T's 'fat-pipe' to NSA. Think illegal surveillance. And think of the EFF and ACLU lawsuits being immediately tossed out of the court system because this piece of administration subterfuge doesn't just grant the Telcos immunity, it makes it retroactive to September 11th, 2001.

In other words, if Bu$hCo gets its way, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and all the rest can tap your communications, give all the data to the government, do it without judicial oversight (e.g., warrants), and no court in the land will be able to stop them or to even hear a case on the issue.

Ain't retroactive immunity a beautiful thing?


Truly sickening. Can we impeach him now?
And then what? Like the next person in line (or anyone behind him) will do any better. They'll get a preach from lobbyists and they'll be on the band wagon before you know it - or JFK-ed.

I suggest you just bend over and spread your ass cheaks, because that's what commin'.
1984 is coming to pass. I think I'll get a lobotomy now because it sure ain't going to be pretty! Cheers.
I bet there will be a signing statement giving Bushie and company retroactive immunity to.
Lizzy... OK with me. ;-)

Romunov, Daniel... This one makes me particularly mad, as it's tantamount to an admission that, "...we're breaking the law; we don't care; and we're going to do everything we can to keep on f*cking you."
I bet there will be a signing statement giving Bushie and company retroactive immunity to.

R-bE... No need for a signing statement, unfortunately. The Military Commissions Act already contains blanket retroactive immunity for anyone found to have broken the law in relation to interrogation of terrorism suspects, and I suspect that Bu$hCo would have no problem extending that interpretation to surveillance or other types of law-breaking.
This is why I do all my terrorist communications in encrypted smoke signals. Since President Bush also hates trees and the environment, I assume they will just encourage me to burn more.
I sometimes think I fell asleep and woke up in another country. What happened to our democracy?
Kvatch, retroactive immunity is beautiful only from the standpoint of Crawford Caligula and his criminal cronies.
A reporter should ask one of the candidates running for president how they feel about this?

How can you just disregard the constitution? If the constitution means nothing what's the point in all of this.

I have more mean things to say, but I don't want men in dark suits knocking on my door.

I'm going to start speaking in pig-latin again. It will take them days to figure out what illegal activity I'm up to..

uckfay ushbay

Will this nightmare ever end? I fear we'll never recover from the damage of the policies set forth by this administration.

Are the Dems shouting from the halls of Congress about this? GRRRRRR!
Legally, Bush's maneuvers don't add up to a mouthful of spit. Point 1: the Constitution clearly states that laws cannot be passed and made effective before the date of their being signed into law. Point 2: There has been no amendment to the Constitution to abrogate or diminish point 1. Guilty as charged.

Whether the seven out of nine Supremes appointed by Republicans will see it that way is another thing entirely. Treasonous bastards!
Tomcat... No argument from me on that point. Bush would sign his own pardon if he thought he could get away with it.

Sadbuttrue has the good point to make on this though. If it gets by Congress, we'll see if it can hold up in the Federal court system.
A reporter should ask one of the candidates running for president how they feel about this?

Lo... I proposed something similar a few weeks back. I'd like every Presidential candidate to have to answer a few key questions on their understanding of the Constitution. Anybody who doesn't measure up...

Gracie... You'd hope so, but they don't seem to be--at least not yet.

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