Monday Morning Postal Rate Blues

In case you hadn't heard, the cost to mail a first class letter goes up to $.41 today.

But I don't really have a problem with higher postal rates. I'll bet that, in inflation adjusted terms, rates are lower today than just about any time in history.

I do wonder, though, what moron decided on 41 cents? On top of previous rate changes to 37 and 39 cents no less! I mean...does the USPS have a penchant for odd numbers--a thing for selling 2 cent stamps? Here's a thought: How about just making the price a nice even 50 cents and then not raising it again for a decade?! Oh...and while we're on the subject, before the next USPS rate hike go out buy some of the new "forever" stamps. Sheesh!


Yeah, I've always been annoyed too that they use the odd number thing.

On a similar note I'd like to see the penny go.
One thing to note is that they should now be selling a forever stamp that will still be good even after the next rate increase. I use snail mail so infrequently, that I can never use up a book between rate hikes.
James... I think that it must have started with $.35. When they moved to $.37 they needed a 2 cent stamp, and every since--with an inventory of the things--the USPS has been incented to just keep raising the price in 2 cent increments.

TomCat... Check the end of the post. ;-)
Because of the wonderful Internets, I hardly have to mail anything anymore.

However, I do like your 50 cent solution. Makes sense to me.
You have no idea how frustrating this postage change is to me, especially since I thought I was being so efficient and bought an extra page of the superhero stamps.

Now I have to buy that stupid however-many-stamp thingy to make up the difference.

I'm definitely investing in those "forever" stamps (nothing says "forever" like a STAMP!), because it's such a pain in the tookus doing postage math every few months. :D
Lizzy... I don't do much mailing, but I hate paying fees for bills. So I still do that the old fashioned way.

Mags... I've got a whole bunch of the 'Breast Cancer Research' stamps. At $.45, I believe they're still good, but you're right gonna have to get some of the "forever" stamps.
Probably the one making up the rates only has nine toes so he makes the rate from counting toes.
So few people use stamps anymore I guess they have to do something to keep that junk mail going.
wouldn't it be easier if we just taped our credit cards to the right corner of an envelope. besides if we don't change stamp rates, what's going to happen to all those cool stamp collectors? stamps make me go postal.
Larry, Susie-q... Welcome to Blognonymous.

No go on the toe thing. The USPS tried it but found that they've got nothing that divides equally by nine until .45. And, I think that junk mail's got it's own rate scale. Metered...and not quite as expensive.

Raffi... Great idea. Or perhaps we could all just get USPS credit-cards. Every time you use it, it takes 2 hours to clear the transaction.
The only problems I have with "forever" stamps are that:

1) I don't really like giving the post office MY money to play with free of interest...

2) We only have the postal service's word that they are "forever" - and I trust them as much as I trust ANY governmental agency.
Arrrrgh... the Snavettes and I have been talking about this too, and we all ageed that USPS might as well just raise the rate to 50 cents and call it good for a while.

As FUBB as the USPS is, I still like the idea of having a USPS more than I like the idea of it being privatized and split up into dozens of little private mail services: "I don't know which mail provider to choose... Joe's is faster, but it costs three cents more per letter!" Ugh. I don't care if it would create competition which would be "good for business". I think that approach would suck...

Maybe Bu$hCo could sell off some of its government agencies to help "pay down the national debt". They seem to want to sell off things like national forest land, so why not something like USPS?
I don't really like giving the post office MY money to play with free of interest...

Sewmouse... No. Quite right, and you shouldn't. I think the problem may be that if one waits until just before the next rate hike, the stamps will magically disappear.

Snave... Not sure how I feel about a fully privatized USPS. Though I really only use it for bills and holiday cards, I still don't like the idea of those activities costing...say...$2.00 per item.
Hello, Kvatch.

37, 39, 41...

I believe next in the series would be:
43, 47, 51...

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