Monday Evening Internet Surveillance Blues

Today was the official deadline for cable companies, Telco ISPs, and some universities to finish getting their networks ready for law enforcement-friendly surveillance.

"Sherman...set the Wayback Machine to 1994!" Congress passes CALEA, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act which mandates that all phone networks (digital and analog) be wired to support almost instantaneous access by law enforcement. And what do we expect happened after the 2002 deadline for that phase of CALEA passed? You guessed it! Court approved wiretaps doubled.

But, not content to stop there, the DoJ lobbies the FCC to reinterpret CALEA as applying to the Internet as well. The FCC caves, and a divided Federal Appeals Court upholds the decision. So now, with no new law on the books, the DoJ has got a mandate to force ISPs to provide the same type of surveillance capabilities that exist for phones. Email, clickstream, downloads, uploads, IM, VoIP, all available to the FBI with a court order.

I'm feeling safer already. Now...where the f*ck is that encryption program?


I'm thinking George & Co might do well to talk more closely with the current Australian government.
The Internet is easy to control here. You simply call something like 'dial up' Broadband.
Most here think there are better things to do in life than wait for a web page to load...
"some universities"?

I would think that as much as the administration views science, analysis and reason as enemies, they would be demanding that ALL colleges/universities be under surveillance... Let me guess... the ones they plan to keep an eye on include Cal-Berkeley, University of Oregon, University of Massechusetts?
I just hope Liberty University, Bob Jones U., and Regents Law School have complied. All the students should have carnivore boxes attached to their Bibles.
Cartledge... Ah the "small pipe" to the telcos, eh? Otherwise known as "adventures with the hourglass". ;-)

Snave... Yeah, I'm not sure what the distinction is. Public universities maybe?

Tafka PB... Welcome to Blognonymous. "Carnivore"! Now there's a name I haven't heard in a few years. I can just see the NSA zooming satellites to look in on Bob Jones U. :-)
Frogman - Don't mean set the wayback machine to 1984?

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