Justice Thomas Takes A Vow of Silence

Washington (f-A-ke. P.) -

Justice Clarence Thomas has taken a vow of silence, making it clear that he will not speak from the bench again until someone clips the string of the Court's 'Chatty Cathy', Justice Breyer. Though it was not immediately made clear how the justice would pose questions to attorneys, one of Thomas' pages, speaking on condition of anonymity, remarked, "Does it really matter? The man hasn't uttered a word in court since February of 2006."


He's still drinking those cokes, tho. I do wonder if he is still a very naughty boy.
When I read that, I pictured him with his hands over his ears yelling, "La La La, I can't hear you."

What a douche bag.
Peacechick... Eeeeeewwwwww! You never can tell what goes on behind that bench.

Lizzy... Or at least mouthing it.
It is better he keep his hateful neocon mouth shut.
He not only doesn't speak in court, he won't review cases or discuss his thoughts with the other justices, never has. I think he's a hologram. ~~ D.K.
Maybe he's one of those judges with a penis pump under the desk. You never know!!!
"Maybe he's one of those judges with a penis pump under the desk."

And this might explain why Sandra O'Connor resigned? Couldn't she just have asked for a different seat assignment?
I suggest if he isn't going to be a verbal part of the team, then he should take his lyin' ass home.
I like him silent, to be honest. Invisible would be nice, as well.
Larry... Were there neo-cons back then?

Regardless, you and the Nvisiblewmn have a point. Thomas' choosing to keep his mouth shut and not influence the questioning and debate has some definite advantages for us liberals.

D.K... I knew about Thomas' reluctance to discuss cases with the other justices, but is he allowed to refuse to review? I thought that all justices had particular Circuits that they were responsible for.
Cannot look at a pix of him without immediately thinking of the pube in the Coke.
Sumo...oh, Oh, OH! Not that again.

And Sewmouse, it could explain why Justice Ginsburg always has such a sour look on her face.

PoP... Pity the man looks so vigorous, probably be on the court for another 20 years.

Nvisiblewmn... Could you teach him that invisible trick? :-)
Do you think Scalia had him stuffed and now just raises his hand when they take roll?
K, I only know I read somewhere that Thomas sits like a silent toad in the hearings, then saunters back to his chambers where he isolates himself until decision time. The other justices review & discuss, much like a jury hammers out a decision. Not Thomas, he doesn't even talk to his pages. I wonder if he has EVER even written up the official dissenting (or even prevailing) opinion? Maybe he's a closet-illiterate? ~~ D.K.
Hill... I don't think that you're alone on that.

Fashiongirl... Perhaps Scalia is the 'puppet master' here, but because he hasn't mastered throwing his voice, he can't ever get Thomas to say anything.
D.K... Ah, I get what you meant by review. Sorry for the confusion, but...doesn't talk to his pages? Pretty harsh. Would suck to work for him.

Mr_Blog... "Mime par excellence"! LOL! :-)
Perhaps Thomas was a neocon before there was such a thing as a neocon. :-(
I thought he didn't talk because he was on loan from Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum.
TomCat... I don't think that Thomas' sensibilities are particularly 'hawkish', though it would be hard to tell, these days.

Diva... On load? Looks like he's a permanent fixture--a silent gift to America. ;-)

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