Humanity In All Its...Uh...Splendor?


Damn my work's firewall!!! No "naked" images allowed!

I remember him doing this in Chile also...

Not many takers in the puritanical states? Or did he do one here and I missed it?
sorry forgot to post a link for the chile version...

No "naked" images allowed!

Michael... Yeah, I understand. Those naked sea lions are pretty disgusting. ;-)

Denisdekat... Chile? Very cool, and thanks for the link. I doubt they'd try it here in Babylon by the Bay either. Too cold most of the time. Though, ironically, not today!
Well, I think the bigger difference is that there is less sunburn involved in one over the other - and, given how hot it is in the city du jour...I'm not so sure I would want to be naked outside - but it certainly would be cooler.
Heh. That's quite a lot of um ... pink people. Heh heh.
WS... So are you saying that you think that sea lions don't burn? Maybe they have special tanning lotions?

"Bandis-o-lion for the Pier Thirty-Ni-on tan"?

Mags... In fact, if I never see that much pink flesh again, it will be just fine with me. ;-)
I keep wondering if the guy in the wheelchair will barrel over all the naked bodies, leaving sunburned and bloody people strewn in his wake. Probably not.
This thing is getting to be so like yeasterday. I have no idea of, how many years and places it's gone through, but it's getting irritatingly tiresome. Enough already Mr. Camera Dude, and start shocking us with the damn close-ups for change! Then, perhaps, monsieur Frog really could make the claim of having seen too much pink? BWAH!, indeed.
Maybe this photographer should join forces with Christo of Christo's Fence. God knows what sort of bizarre projects they'd come up with.

Who Hijacked Our Country
Peacechick... Looks to me like the wheelchair bound guy is naked as well. I'd venture he's just happy to be there.

Undeniable Liberal... "BWAH!!" is right. Imagine how shocked I was when Denis pointed out that this stunt has been done before.
Pekka... When I saw the photo, the first thing I thought of was the beaches down in Big Sur covered with sea lions, but unfortunately I had to settle for the Pier 39 photo. Don't think a close up would have given me the same impression. :-)

Tom... Indeed! I'm a big fan of Christo and Jeanne Claude, BTW.

Lizzy... Did you get a chance to see the other photos from the article. Bizarre!
Kvatch...did you go see Christo's Yellow Umbrella? It was totally awesome. And I bet the body picture on the left smelled like the seals lying in the right picture. Sun...sweat...not a pretyy sight.

The mexicans keep claiming to be "Brown People" when they're screaming "RACIST" at folks who oppose illegal border crossings.

That ain't a field of brown.
Nuh uh.

That's pink!
Yep. Tunik has been doing these photos almost 20 years now. But the comparison with the seals is quite funny.

I like his work. I love large scale, temporary works of this sort. I love the challenge of mobilizing that many people to work together - it's quite spectacular.
Sumo... "Yellow Umbrella"? No, never heard of it. Back in a tick...

Interesting project, but a tragic end. I really didn't start paying attention to Christo until the Marin fence project.

Sewmouse... I agree, quite a lot of pink actually! ;-)

Diva... 20 years? Jeez, and I thought this was some new fad. As for the seals, it was just that "everyone lying down" picture that did it.
Damn that's funny. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing before even look at the seals.
When I first glanced at the first picture, I thought "What's with all the pigs?" Heh! Then I noticed the guy in the wheelchair and I realized it was a picture of naked people! DUH.

That's a great photo. I would willingly participate in such a thing, though it might make my fellow participants nauseous.
Ron... I hate to say it, but the comparison really hits you when you see the number of really obese people in the photo. Hard to tell because of the resolution, but the number of "sea lion shaped" people in that photo is truly astounding.

Snave... I think it was quite a trial for those participants. The article said it was cool and misty that day.

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