Florida Democrats Screwed By Their Own

So you live in Florida. Your state's got a brand new primary that's 7 days ahead of 'Super-duper Mondo Stupendous Tuesday', the day that will basically decide the candidates in our next presidential election. And, with 27 votes, your state's electors carry more weight than all those lessor 'early' states--Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada--combined. A recipe for Florida voters to have unprecedented influence in the next election, right? Well...sure, if you happen to be a Republican.

You see the national Democratic leadership is mulling a proposal that would treat the outcome of Florida's primary as merely advisory. In fact, they're thinking of allocating the electors with a caucus at a later date. It's a punishment you see for Florida's screwing up the carefully laid out schedule put together by the parties.

So Floridians enjoy voting in your primary...that won't count...and that no candidate will waste time on because, let's face it, would you spend money in a state where the outcome might be tossed in favor of the will-o-the-party-elite?

And you thought that only Republicans liked to rig elections.


Guess Bubba runs this party afterall. This makes a lot of people I support look like shitheads. This is a real bummer.
Groan. We really don't have such a thing as popular vote anymore. It's all about the electoral points. I'll still vote and vote like it's a call for help, impeachment, end the war - same song, different verse.
Just another example of how the Dems & Repubs are on the same side of the same coin.

We're supposed to be better than that.
All... I really think that there is only one solution here. All the primaries have to be on the same date. Just standardize the whole thing. Primaries 4 months before election day. Conventions 3 months before election day. Period!

No more screwing around with schedules.
Glad you're taken on this topic. A single Primary day is an excellent idea too. But I think I've got a better option, Kvatch: Get rid of the Primaries altogether. They aren't Constitutionally proscribed. They're PRIVATE. They're FOR the Parties. The have Nothing To Do With The Election except determine which candidate the Non-Governmental Political Parties will run.

If the States would use their discretion and legal prerogative and stop holding these ridiculous things, the process would be more competitive.

There's no need to illegally outlaw Political Parties. Just refuse them government money for the Private candidate choosing process which is the Primaries. Then the Government could actually finance the Constitutionally proscribed elections in autumn for All Comers.

Of course I don't see that happening any more than I see our retiring the Electoral College. It would mean that our Public Schools were working and that folks actually understood our Constitution. Again, ain't gonna happen...


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