FISA Court or Rubber-stamp?

Let's just get down to the bare essentials shall we? Last year the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court received 2,181 warrant requests, and of these how many do you think that they rejected? 1000? 100? 1 percent?

Nope... 0. None!

2,176 requests were accepted, and the remainder were withdrawn with the exception of one that was resubmitted. In fact, since 2001, only 4 requests total--4 for Pete's sake--were rejected.

Now you might be asking yourself what purpose the court serves if all they're able to do when the administration comes calling is shout, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" like some kind of cheap hooker. And I'll bet Bu$hCo is asking themselves why they bothered to authorize NSA to illegally sidestep the Court, when every indication is that the court would have responded with a cheerful, "Yes sir, Mr. President. Whatever you say Sir!"

Guess that whole executive oversight thing is really working out...for the administration.


Hi Kvatch!

I haven't been around the political blogworld for a long time and I wanted to stop in and say that I'm glad to see you still at it. :)
I wanted to stop in and say that I'm glad to see you still at it. :)

Chuck... Good to hear from you. Suffice to say, the Frog never sleeps. He eats politics; drinks politics; politics is almost as important as flies!
And of course, we don't get to know who or why these wiretaps were authorized, so it could be you or me that they wiretapping (except all I get are junk calls, so they'd really be wasting taxpayer money, since they're all recorded and monitored anyway)
"politics is almost as important as flies" We introduced dung beetles in Australia to reduce the fly problem. Obviously not a problem to froggy!
Now you have me wondering if thee is not a similar antidote for politics.
I was asking myself why the Bush Ad. would even be concerned with having to go through the FISA process.
What concerns me is that they WERE sidestepping the FISA court. What exactly were they planning on doing that would have even had the rubber-stamp yes-men at FISA grow a pair and refuse to authorize?

I miss Nixon.
...we don't get to know who or why these wiretaps were authorized...

Well you know Lew...that's a SECRET! Wouldn't want to give the t'rrorists the upper hand.

Cartledge... You mean introduce a nasty insect that eats politicians?
Praguetwin... Well in testemony last night the Director of National Intelligence said that Article II give the president to power to do practically anything he/she wants...no restraints. McConnel didn't elaborate on exactly how he get's that particular interpretation.

Sewmouse... I think it wasn't so much the "what" as the "when". If I remember correctly it was the delay that going through FISA puts on things that had Bu$hCo's panties in a twist.
Hi Kvatch. Returning your visit. I wonder if FISA would be so accommodating if they had an opportunity to approve the ILLEGAL wiretaps from Bu$hCo. It appears that, whenever they have a wiretap that FISA would reject, one possibility might be the DNC, Bush just doesn't bother to seek approval. The legislation he's seeking now is a blank check and must not pass.
"like some kind of cheap hooker."

I tell all those who call me to sell me something that my calls are being monitored by the NSA and they are now probably on the NSA Terrorist watch list for calling me.

God Bless.
TomCat... Welcome to Blognonymous. I agree with your analysis, and McConnell's proposal to revamp FISA would essentially do away with it. Fortunately it's chance of passage is slim, at best.

Nvisiblewmn... Thanks!

Anon-Paranoid... That's an outstanding idea. Are you having much success with that. I myself have been known to tell businesses that I'm recording my call with them.
It seems to work sometimes if there actually a real live person on the other end.

I told that to a collection agency once who wouldn't stop calling me. They said they would take me too court on a bounced check.

I told them that I had every bank statement and returned check for over twenty years and I had all my checks back. I also told them the the bank the check was drawn on I never had an account with. I said if they were so sure it was me to go ahead and take me to court as I would counter sue for harassment and defamation to my name and character.

Then they said they had my SS# and I ask what it was. They said they couldn't tell me so I ask how they knew it was my number. They than said they could verify by the last four digits. So I said what are the last four digits and after they told me I informed them that was not mine, but if they didn't believe me then go ahead and take me to court.

I never heard from them again after that and telling them their now on the NSA's Terrorist Watch list as I am since I oppose Der Fuehrer Bush and his regime.

You have my permission to go ahead and use my tactic anytime you want too.

God Bless.

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