Eulogy for Falwell

Been waiting and waiting
Craving inspiration
Seeking to eulogize
With mounting frustration
A man whose crass actions
Divided the nation.
But lacking in outrage
His death no sensation,
In place of expected,
Sought after elation
I'm feeling a kind of
low-impact deflation,
And so just perhaps I'll
Give in to temptation
Reflect for a moment
On Falwell's vocation.

Seems that the crackpots
From Westboro Baptist
Will try for a Lynchburg
Pre-funeral protest.

They're going to preach
That Falwell expressed
Not nearly enough of
The hate they attest
Christ has for gays, women,
Blacks, Jews, and the rest.

And so with the scum of
Topeka I find
We are quite ironically
Of the same mind
Agreeing that Falwell
Will not find salvation
But is quite more likely
In line for damnation.


The Peeping Toms
My Mom is 85, quite bright but hard of hearing and would probably score close to zero on a political policy literacy test. She does however have her opinions.
On seeing Reverend Falwell on the TV screen she asked what was his' news, so to speak.
I told her he was dead.
Her comment was, " a peeping Tom, like that other guy, Newt Gingrich, the original Peeping Tom."
I guess you could say she calls' em as she sees' em.
Craig Johnson
(ps kvatch, I blogrolled yu and DebsWeb, at cognitorex blogspot) (I also figured out that I had to disable pop up blocker to do comments on yur blog: cheers)
Good Eulogy... I won't miss him!
I'm sure Ol' Jerry would be pleased to note that Phred Felps was seizing the opportunity to help spread Jerry's message of hate and intolerance.
Cognitorex... I'm sure that my own grandmother would have found Falwell horribly offensive--loud, brash, rude, self-involved. In a sense, I'm really glad that she didn't live long enough to see this decade. As a life-long non-religious Republican, I think she would have been horrified at at her party and its core constituency.

BTW...thanks for the "roll". I'll update mine a bit later in the day. As for the popups...it's odd. I have popups blocked as well, but Blogger's don't count as "unsolicited popups", at least from Firefox's point of view.
Suzie-Q... Many thanks. I just feel bad that inspiration didn't come sooner. As it was the verse was a little stale.

Lew... I just can't get over the irony.
Quite probably the way Falwell and Robertson, coupled with Reagan and Bush has used talk of religion to further their political and personal gain, is a major reason there are nuts like Fred Phelps and his congregation.
Oh, the irony.

Clever poetry as well. Still, it makes one uncomfortable to speak (or write) ill of the dead. I wrote the headline Jerry Falwell in Hell for our newsletter as a way of letting our readers know he had died, and I paused and contemplated before hitting the send button.
A Poet Frog. Kvatch, you are a frog of many talents.

Will NOT miss the SOB. The Fat Lady Sings commented at my blog that she felt Falwell could not have possibly believed in God because he had no fear of retribution. I agree. I think he believed in the almighty dollar.
Larry... But aren't Phelps and his cabal really biting the hand that feeds them, so to speak. On the assumption that a born-again Christian like Bush is the only road for extreme right-wing to obtain power, you'd think that Westboro Baptist wouldn't work so hard to trash them.

Fascist Nation... Welcome to Blognonymous. Falwell spoke so much ill of the living, I don't have much problem with speaking ill of him now that he's dead.

Diva... Thanks. When it comes to verse, I do try.

I think that Fat Lady Sings is correct. Falwell's legacy will be felt for a long time and it's not a good one.
Falwell & Phelps: birds of a feather.
Why do people say that? The thing about "not speaking ill of the dead"? If someone was an asshat in his life, why shouldn't we proclaim to the rooftops that he was an asshat? Death does not miraculously bestow non-asshatness on asshats.

And Falwell was an exceptionally HUGE Asshat.

And fgistnk is a GREAT verify-word for a comment about him...
TomCat... Really? Only to us outsiders. I think that Phelps would claim that he has about as much in common with Falwell as he has with Mitt Romney.

And Falwell was an exceptionally HUGE Asshat.

Sewmouse... No truer words. :-)

I posted this piece here and at PeaceTree (TPM's new site) and I was conflicted both times. Here...well...said why already, and there because I felt that perhaps it wasn't quite in the spirit of the site. But oh well, the world will be a better place without Falwell.
Fantastic poem, K.! I love it! Much better than the one I posted over at my site. This one you did is fun, but also very serious in how it gets to the crux of the matter re. his hatred and intolerance!
That's about as ironic as it gets -- Fred Phelps protesting because Jerry Falwell was too tolerant. I guess it's all relative. Maybe there's somebody out there who thinks Fred Phelps is too much of a wuss; that he isn't doing enough to fight the homosexual menace.

Who Hijacked Our Country
the Almighty Arms of Hate
Seek to seperate
All those who otherwise
Would cordily participate
In viable, respectful debate
Thanks Snave. Mighty kind of you.

Maybe there's somebody out there who thinks Fred Phelps is too much of a wuss;

Tom... No doubt, but I'm afraid that it would be someone with Phelp's views...and guns! Lots and lots of guns.

WS... Excellent observation. Right to the point.
Bravo, Kvatch! You've outdone yourself.

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