Don't Try This On A Plane

OK...so you're on an airplane, a train, the BART, a bus, and you've got a really annoying 'Chatty Cathy' sitting next to you. Want to shut them up? I mean...do you really want to shut them up?! Then position your laptop where they can see it...


But don't blame me for what happens next. You clicked the link.
(Props to anyone who can give us the translation.)


Good one, Frog. But if it's a really chatty person, they might scream.
Or, in a theatre when sitting next to a motormouth...

Diva... I'd like to take the credit, but that belongs to thecleverest.com. Still pretty cool.

Suzie-Q... In our ultra-paranoid, ultra-paternalistic America, I suspect there are many times many places where you shouldn't try this. [sigh]
OMFG, that scared me speechless! ~~ D.K.
I clicked on it and now big brother is watching me. I just know it....
erm... site blocked from work! I'll have to go home and load it up... maybe with the wife hanging over my shoulder... ;)
Love it...but that may get you a free ticket and trek to Gitmo...
She'd probably scream and you'd have every passenger within 10 feet punching and kicking you...
I can't tell. My eyes are still blinking.
I laffed out loud at that one! I can just imagine someone actually doing that!

LOL, that's great! Yep, that is probably one first step to your new vacation spot in a little fenced off resort in Cuba.
Love it! I can imagine the reaction. I don't have the guts to actually do it, so I will just have to imagine.
That scared me for a second. Is that from 24? Not serious...
Scared me too, but I thought that the countdown was probably leading to something bad happening to my laptop. Then I thought, "I'm using Firefox on a Mac. What could happen?"
I get on a plane Friday. I hope no one annoys me or I might just get diverted to GitMo
Deliciously wicked!
Deliciously wicked!

Indeed Tafka. It was definitely a, "Damn! I wish I'd thought of that moment."
My BabyGirl turned to me and said: "Ow, Mommy. That makes my head hurt."
Outta the mouths of babes, ya know.
You're good for bail. . .right? ;)
OMG! that is the best.
(I used to have the chatty cathy doll when I was little.)

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