Creation Science Gets A Home

Petersburg KY (f-A-ke. P.) -

The world's first 'Creationism Museum' will open this weekend in Petersburg Kentucky. Complete with animatronic dinosaurs and numerous exhibits that refute the junk science of evolution, the museum's goal is to convince visitors that:
...the Bible's history is true, and if its history is true its message of the gospel is true.
On a recent tour of the museum, funding director Ken Ham pointed out an exhibit of dinosaurs and humans living together remarking that many 'secular scientists' would dispute the historic validity of the Flintstonic Era. "But we feel that Hanna-Barbera was really onto something here."

Another exhibit depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden along with the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, and the Maytag Repair Man. "You see, these important figures aren't just myths. They are real scientifically verifiable individuals and, let's face it, if I can convince myself that Noah built an ark the size of Indiana, I can believe in the Easter Bunny."


Oh, I can't WAIT to visit. I hope they have an inter-active section, and also a place where they show how the Moon Landing was staged. I know it was shot on a Hollywood sound-stage, but I'd really like to see a "Making OF" display at this museum.

These guys just love to spread the word, don't they? I would've thought it was Mission Accomplished after they succeeded in getting "The Grand Canyon: A Different View" into the Grand Canyon Visitor Center Bookstore. Among other crea-sci-wackoisms, it refutes the true age of the GC by ascribing it to Noah's Flood. The bookstore is operated by the NPS who say it will stay on the shelves in order not to offend religious fundies, although they did move it from the "natural history" section to the "inspirational" section. They also stopped distributing a pamphlet to park rangers called "Distinguishing Science from Religion" which had been a guide on how to handle questions from creationists. I guess they now just refer them to the official bookstore (funded with our tax dollar$). ~~ Disgusted D.K.
Oh, state of my birth, you never fail to disappoint.

so, i can't count on a big bang exhibit?
Have I ever told you how proud I am to live in Kentucky? But fear not, I was raised in NJ and have lived in DC too. That means that I've lived in civilized parts of the world too.
...where they show how the Moon Landing was staged.

Diva... Wasn't there a cheesy Sci-fi flick about that back in the 70s?

D.K... "The Grand Canyon: A Different View"?! You're not serious. Please tell me you're not serious.
Captain, Tafka... But such a beautiful state, no? I'm chagrined to admit that the Blue Grass State is one of the few that I have never visited, never driven through, never even been in an airport. But with this new museum, there is no longer a reason to delay!

RAFFI... Quite the contrary! There IS a Big Bang exhibit, but...umm...it has to do with somebody bangin' somebody.
Kvatch, I'm serious as Bobby Darin's final heart attack. Want to gag up your breakfast pancakes?


they'll even schedule you a christ-centered motorized raft trip down the Colorado ... seriously! ~~ D.K.
Kvatch, that might have been part of a double feature and I slept through it.

Can DK explain what a christ-centered motorized raft is?

Oh, never mind. That's raft - trip.. Just wake me when this is all over.
RAFFI... Quite the contrary! There IS a Big Bang exhibit, but...umm...it has to do with somebody bangin' somebody.

Isn't that the one with the John Holmes exhibit? Or is that exhibitionist? Flintstonian era........

I'm SO confused now.......
Interesting post! :)
...a christ-centered motorized raft trip down the Colorado.

Diva, D.K... "What rapids would Jesus shoot?" eh? I'm speechless.

Haris... The 'Flintstonic Era' was of course followed by our modern godly era and will be followed by the 'Jetsonian'.

Suzie-Q... I've always maintained that if you can't make the news, fake the news.
Do you think the dinosaurs eat the humans? Kind of a Jurassic Park kind of exhibit? Cool!
And here I was picturing the raft with Jebus in the middle seat hanging on for dear immortality...
Creation Science Museum
Creation Science Get a Home With Unique Theosophy for Killing our own Species
(( from/with Blognonymous.com))

With majority approval certain states kill criminal offenders every year.
Our military at present is in the business of killing people most days.
If humans are held to be a scientifically evolved animal, then the rule not to kill would not be solely a God and Bible based edict. (He made us and He made the Rule; animals would not create the 'Do not kill' fiat on their own you see.)
So you make a museum that shows that dinosaurs (scientifically known to predate humans by millions of years) and humans were created co-terminously by the spiritual force that you base your entire existence on.
So. And ergo too. If carbon dating is valid God does not therefor exist.
Hence the moral edict to not kill is man made, (with exceptions for electrocutions, protecting oil supplies and blowing up abortion clinics) and has no valid authority.
Wait. This makes no sense.
You can ignorantly but morally kill people if the dinosaurs came first......but not if God made us and the dinosaurs at the same time ......but..with exceptions....you can kill some of the people .....some of the time....or...I am confused.
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KVatch -- yesterday ur commt site wud nt let me leev cmnt - so I stole yr idea and posted the above ...cheers...craig/ cognitorex
Fashiongirl... In the display? Or for real? :-)

Sewmouse... Like the imagery. Do you think that they'd bill the trip that way? "Wash away your sins!"

Cognitorex... Sorry you couldn't comment but appreciate the repost.
Perhaps a Christ centered raft is one where you that never comes to shore, so you walk on water to board it.
Would they take me as a volunteer docent?

Can any one dig up their donor list?

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