BlognonyBITS - FOX News and The Devil's Ice Skates

And in the world of journalism...hell freezes over! From FOX News:
Filmmaker Michael Moore's brilliant and uplifting new documentary, "Sicko," deals with the failings of the U.S. healthcare system, both real and perceived. But this time around, the controversial documentarian seems to be letting the subject matter do the talking, and in the process shows a new maturity.
I suspect that when I see it, I won't describe Sicko as 'uplifting', but is this really FAUX News, the outlet we all know and hate? Have the times changed this much?

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Some pinko liberal group must have hijacked the Fox News website.

Who Hijacked Our Country
I'm looking forward to seeing this film! I adore Michael Moore for his dedication to truth! ;)
Tom... But maybe FAUX News has decided to go with the prevailing mood. I mean after all they are hollow schills.

Suzie-q... Me too. Though I suspect that when I walk out I'll be so pissed my blog entry on it will burn holes in my keyboard.
Maybe FOX is so relieved he didn't confront them, or their non-stop propaganda that they decided to ease up on them.
I'm shocked. Are they practicing journalsim now?
...they decided to ease up on them.

Lew... Moore's probably saving that for a whole expose on Murdoch and Fox.

Are they practicing journalsim now?

Aaron... Naw. Probably just pandering to raise their bottom line. They've been losing market share for a year now.
I hate to comment without attribution; but, somewhere today, I read that Moore had "anonomously" donated money to a guy who had a medical problem. Once the guy cashed the check, Moore told him he was part of the movie. There's a bit of a media furor over the ethics of being good to someone and then using your largesse to make a political point.
however he does it, moore has balls. as for tangled webs, fox/faux news (funny;) must either have a trick up their sleeve or be going bipartisan because only a week ago i read this:

This post has been removed by the author.
When I first heard this news and read bits of the article my guess was that the "author" thought they were really taking digs at Moore by praising his movie by saying things such as "the movie shows moore's maturity" or something along the line of "Moor actually lets others tell the story, more akin to a documentary"

I took it as a throw back, that this piece wasn't a pile of propaganda like F911, according to Faux.
Well, that's certainly interesting.

I look forward to seeing this film.
kvatch, the Fox review states:

""Sicko," deals with the failings of the U.S. healthcare system, both real and perceived."

Perceived failings. In other words, Fox very kindly said he was, as usual, full of crap. Every system has its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, to state that the US healthcare system has failings is stating a truism.

But this movie goes off the deep end when it brings Cuba into the picture.

It doesn't take much to know this is the case when the movie-maker takes a silly ride to Cuba, where contrary to the notion that the country enjoys universal healthcare, in fact, everyone receives virtually no healthcare.

Granted, the service is uniform. Crappy for everyone, except, the few people with power who can either zip to Spain or another site where competent medical personnel are available.

I've got Cuban friends with family members who are still there. As they will tell you, the country lacks everything. Electricity, cars, gasoline, air conditioners, computers, telephones, paint, basic industries, freedom of every kind, and most of all, the kind of skills it takes to build a good economy.

Why would you believe a country -- an island prison -- incapable of finding oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico, where we find huge quantities, is able to give medical care to 11 million people.

It can't produce adequate food for 11 million. Not even enough soap. But you and others are willing to believe a gasbag like Michael Moore who says a failing dictatorship can provide quality medical care on a mass scale.

Castro will die soon because his doctors botched his treatment last year. That tells you all that's necessary about Cuban medical skill.

Meanwhile, it's irrelevant that prisoners at our Guantanamo base receive good healthcare. Inmates at lots of US prison facilities receive decent treatment. Furthermore, the doctors at Guantanamo are members of the US military. They are doing their duty.
I have always liked what Moore has covered, but always thought he hurt the subject matter by talking too much. I hope this one is different
I have a cousin who works for Fox. He says there is a division that is sort of "renegade" (where he works) which is liberal, and so unlike the rest of the company, that it seems to be from another planet. Clearly, this reviewer is part of that division.
Ah no_slappz... I see once again that brevity takes a holiday.

Perceived failings. In other words, Fox very kindly said he was, as usual, full of crap.

Well I think I know what's crap here, and it isn't necessarily Moore's opinions. Couldn't be the failings perceived by the American public, could it? No. Not a chance, because that would mean that Moore's documentary might be looking at another important aspect of the issue.

Let me ask: You've seen the film, right? Hence your well-informed "deep end" remark. So, how was Cannes?
Scott... They say that it is, in the sense that Moore doesn't use himself as subject.

Diva... Didn't know that. Maybe that division will forment an insurrection and take over. Could we get that lucky?

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