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You know, I'm ready for a bit of class warfare. Let's rumble. Where I grew up, I saw a lot of the old "divide and rule" strategy, as in turn the impoverished whites on the impoverished blacks and make them think that's the source of their economic misery. That sucks.

Class warfare, bring it on!
Divide and rule has been the GOP standard for years, while the super-rich became richer at everyone else's expense. It's time for them to pay back for years of welfare for the rich.
Why not tax those who support the war in the amount of the cost of the war. That would change a lot of minds real fast. I think the CEO of war profiteering companies should get double taxes of what everyone else gets in their tax bracket. Oh yeah, and drop all taxes on gasoline and take it out of the oil CEO's pockets.
Nvisiblewmn, TomCat... Call it what you will, the GOP have astute class warriors for at least a generation now. Maybe Dems can catch up but only if they start to put working people first again...without apologies.

Peacechick... I like the idea of more progressive taxation, especially for the war, but I say raise the gasoline tax and take it out of Big Oil's profits.
all I can say is FUCK
I agree with PeaceChick Mary

Those who want war shoulf fucking pay for it.
The balanced budget "plan" also calls for no money to be spent in Iraq in 2009, 2010, 2011... ok, you get the picture.

I believe it also assumes 3.0% GDP growth annually.

Finally, with the debt at $8.8 trillion, a balanced budget still means we go hundreds of billions of dollars into debt per year just on interest.

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to include interest on your mortgage or interest on your credit card bills, or interest on your car payment, or..(you get the picture) on you budget?
PoliShifter... Well said (both comments)! ;-)

Praguetwin... Yeah, fiction from the get go. Isn't a 3% GDP a little agressive? I thought that 2 - 2.4 was more common and sustainable.
I want to first get rid of all the lobbyists, and THEN see the Dems launch a plan in which churches who urge their congregations to vote for or against particular candidates will have to pay taxes for becoming politically involved. I think that might keep many of the Jesusistani candidates out of races, and it would help our government heal from the affliction.

I agree with Tomcat. The Rovian "divide and conquer" political strategy is what the GOP has been doing for some years now. I think the vote in November was not just about Iraq, but that it was also about how tired we all are of this kind of crap, and how maybe we ought to be electing people who can look for things the two parties have in common and work from there, instead of getting into all the constant bickering and name-calling, which I will gleefully engage in now: what a bunch of dumbass rightwingers!! Those who cannot do... call their opponents names! hehehehehe
Those who cannot do... call their opponents names!

No true words Snave. The GOP tactics are getting ugly already, and we're fully 10 months away from our first caucus. It's ludicrous.

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