Bloggers I Have Known, Part 3 - Allie McNeil (aka 'Enigma4Ever')

Her blog, Watergate Summer, remains, but without Allie's writing its soul is gone.

We don't know what happened, but Enigma never returned from a self-imposed winter break, and in case you're wondering how keen a loss that was, the 77 (and counting) comments on her swan-song post should give you an idea.


I still have links in my RSS feed for a number of people. Just waiting, waiting and waiting. Some day??
I truly feel something bad has happened to enigma and her son. I remember her stating how she had been a whistle blower on toxic dumping in the water shed where she lived.

She also stated that she testified before Congress on it and had received death threats.

With her vocal outspokenness on the current regime running our country it wouldn't surprise me if they are the ones responsible for her disappearance.

I would put nothing past Der Fuehrer Bush and his Gestapo when it comes to people disappearing.

How many human being have been rendered to foreign countries for torture? That says a lot about where our countries now at in the world.

I fear we have lost our country with the latest Executive Order Der Fuehrer signed called Directive 51 and the DOD bill authorizing use of Military against America Citizens.

With the powers under the Military Commissions Act and those in the new Patriot Act II our country is now under a Dictatorship.

Our only hope is the World standing up to us and removing these Fascist Republican Christian Nazi's from power and starting new War Crime Trials in the Hague as we had after World War II.

May the Lord have mercy upon our souls and save us from the Evil that now infects our country.

God Bless all.
Peacechick... I know how you feel. When I went through my blogroll, I found quite a few more bloggers who've gone 'offline'.

AnonP... Well, obviously I hope you're wrong. Allie has disappeared before but not without announcing her departure. Here's to hoping she'll be back soon.
sometimes people just get tired of blogging. But in Allie's case, I'm thinking something happened to her.

Someone on the comment section urged people to contact her local police to see if something's happened. Not a bad idea.
What happened to azgoddess's blog?
i also get the impression something happened to enigma4ever, or she just got tired of blogdom. so kvatch, are you considering abandoning the frog too... is this that stage where you do the research and prepare yourself before the actual departure? just curious.
A couple of bloggers that have retired actually said goodbye in their final posts. That's a nice way to go out.

I enjoy blooging too much to quit so no plans on quitting this week.
Seems the really thoughtful bloggers are suddenly gone.
Diva... I think that was Newsguy, but I don't think his efforts turned up anything.

Chuck... AZGoddess is blogging at:


RAFFI... Very perceptive. Not abandon exactly, but there is a small change in store. You'll just have to wait and see.
Captain... I agree. A "goodbye" post is a nice way to exit. As for the other... Ah, but what about next week? ;-)

Larry... I think that the really creative bloggers just get run down after a while. Imagine writing an op-ed a day for a couple of years.
Sigh..I miss E4E too :(
I gotta say, it just doesn't seem like Enigma to go MIA without a final word. This has affected me more than I can say. It's fairly obvious she's not even monitoring her blog or she would've swept out some of those strange/threatening comments. Newsguy had a good idea, but without more info, how can a missing person be pursued? What if they don't want to be pursued? What if pursuing them puts them in danger?

I WANT to believe that she is OK & working on her book. But I really believe something scared her underground. ~~ D.K.
Dusty, D.K... I'm also hoping that it's the book, she's holed up somewhere working on it, and we'll see her sometime soon.
I tried to contact Allie and I'm sure you have as well.

I miss her and hope that it's just an extra long hiatus.
Chuck... AZGoddess is blogging at:

Sorry. I knew that & forgot. My links got messed up the other day while re-arranging & I followed a bad hyperlink.
Ironically, I found someone who had disappeared on that swan song comment link.
Granny... I send Allie an email some months ago but didn't hear anything back. Wherever she is, she's not checking her email.

Chuck... My blog lives and dies by my Blogrolling account. It's the only way I can keep track of everything.

Praguetwin... That's cool. Nice to reconnect with someone.

The email addy she had been using in our correspondence is no longer valid.

I had forgotten about E4E...but I'm thinking it may have to do with the fact that she was whistleblowing and the establishment doesn't take kindly to those types...particularly if they finger people with googobs of cash to spend persecuting such individuals.

perhaps she's laying low.
Wow, I used to read all of these people. I got a job where I got cut off my internet access and it broke my habit.

The one that is gone that killed me was Karena's blog.

She quit because she couldn't take the negative energy anynore.
Granny... That's too bad. No way to try and contact her, I guess.

WS... Perhaps she is lying low. I like to think that she's holed up writing her book, but who really knows.

Crackpot... Yeah Karena's was quite a loss. I miss Betty Cracker too, and there are others. I've got a list.
I keep checking out Watergate Summer. To no avail, so far.
I went through the worst Move Ever- and there have been more than five in the past 4.5 years....( and yes I am just sturdy enuf to move in the middle of winter...)
But truthfully in the middle of moving- and after computer and wireless both broke during move- and a broken cellphone ( not good)....I got word that myu US Attorney had been Fired- yes, one of the Eight....and yeah to be honest I was scared and worried and heart broken- the Seattle US Attorneys office has litterally suitcases- THREE of my Data and Evidence of WHAT GP did to my little County in the NW.....( amoung other things- including data on Preston, Gates & Ellis, Cunningham, MZM, an Illegal Pipeline and Millions of Pounds of Illegal Dumping ( with Maps, photos, and film) and MORE......

So my heart sank and a part of me was like NOW I really am hung out to Dry....I am actually going to blog on it...

I was feeling Hopeful in the fall of 2006- because some actual arrests and idictments were moving forward......

I am going to Blog about- because let's be real- there have to be other Witnesses and even Victims like me that were involved in Cases that Gonzo basically just erased.....

Mr.McKay's Office was very good to our family, I was offered Marshall Protection to and From Federal meetings....( Eight Fed Agencies were involved in our case)....His Office was Well run and He is a man of great Intergrity....please read my post on Friday June 22- it will explain all- some is explained now on Update...but yes, I hit rockbottem, I was disheartened , not just about me and my son- but because once the Justice System is this Broken I don't know what happens to OUR Country.....

(BTW During the Move I also experienced being locked out mof my email and also the Blog- and none of my codes and passes were working- I finally got everything Fixed and Good Geek help- Feb and March Sucked....)

Thank you to all for caring......I am ever Grateful ....

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