Bloggers I Have Known, Part 2 - Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker

Ah Rex... The American's American; the uber-patriot; a freedom-lover without equal; a blogger before whom even this unwashed, knee-jerking, liberal frog occassionaly had to bow.

Though I suspect that life intruded and forced you to stop blogging, this frog ocassionally still longs for a good strong dose of America-loving ferver.


Oh, Rex Kramer. I loved his blog, it was so, um, so, AMERICAN.
Great series idea, Kvatch. I miss Fafblog.
I really miss Kramer's blog.
Diva, PT... Yeah, I know how you feel. I don't think that Rex is blogging at Blue Republic anymore either. The last post there seemed to be in March.

Comandante... Thanks. Hey, whatever happened to Blogenfreude? I noticed that you're doing most of the Blogging at Agitprop again.
I wasn't familiar with it before, but a brief look sort of reminds me of Faux Noise.
Whenever I see an abandoned blog I often think of the Hermit Crab and
I wonder if the owner of this blog was eaten by a shark. Thoughts like that etc.
Tomcat... Rex had a gift. When he was on, his posts were side-shakingly funny!

Captain... That's an apt analogy for the abandoned ones, but what would drive someone to completely delete their blog? Neil's will be gone forever soon, and that seems like quite a waste.
I miss Rex as well, especially his comments (they were always the best). Last I heard, he was involved in a serious automobile accident, and spent a lot of time in the hospital. He did post a couple times at TBR, but hasn't been there anymore regularly since.
Yeah, it is a lonely feeling isn't it.

You feel somehow smaller when it happens. But hey, that is the internet. As much as we get from it, it is still "virtual" relationships that we have.
This is getting too weird. Betty Cracker is mia as well. Do ya think?
Lew... !!! I hadn't heard anything about that. Any word on his recovery?

Praguetwin... Virtual yes, but interaction is still interaction.

Peacechick... Betty too. Thanks for mentioning her. Another loss.
Like Lew said, Rexy was injured in the line of duty, but made a full recovery. His wife had also recently given birth to another spawn of Kramer so life does have a way of mucking up your blogging life.
Wow. I read Rex all the time. Great stuff. Hope he's well.
Dusty... Do you know if Rex plans to return to blogging? As the Station Agent points out, we all read him and I'm sure all miss him as well.

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