Bloggers I Have Known, Part 1 - Neil Shakespeare

Do you ever wonder about the bloggers who, for whatever reason, just stop? Sometimes they announce their departure--sometimes not. You pop in one day, and their blog is gone.

A circle of bloggers is a circle of friends. We may never meet in person, but we chat like we've known each other for years. Most keenly felt is the absence of a blogger who started about the same time that you did.

I'm feeling melancholy. I'm listening to "Dirty Shadows" by the Future Sound of London, and I'm in a mood to reminisce.

Neil Shakespeare: Paste-ups Poignant, Powerful, and Profound.

I don't know what happened to Neil, but one day earlier this month his blog disappeared only to be co-opted by another blogger. Neil you may be gone, but you're not forgotten, and I managed to unearth my favorite of your images from the Google cache. Wherever you are, I hope you don't mind.


I know what you mean. I feel like you guys are my best buddies sometimes. Wouldn't it be cool if we could all get together sometime?
Right - Enigma Forever at Watergate Summer has disappeared off the face of the map. What happened to her?

Helen Wheels seems to have gone completely silent.

I rely on my community of bloggers - blogging helped me find my voice, and hell, I'm old enough to be mom to most of you. Not that I want to, I'm just mentioning.
Lizzy... Not so far fetched as you might think, well at least in your case. Since the Frogette is a Minnesnowta native, we're in the Twin Cities frequently. If you want, I'll keep you posted.

Diva. SHHHHSSH! Allie (E4E) was going to be Part 3. Stay tuned...
I fully intend to get Diva and PeaceChick Mary to have coffee somewhere during our many travels this year if possible.

I like meeting online friends. :)
Yeah, I landed on the new site the other day when I clicked Neil's link on my blogroll. I just thought the URL was screwed up somehow.

Neil's a pretty creative guy and a helluva writer. It amazed me that he could produce that quality of writing and illustration so regularly.
And who is the strange person using Neil's blog??? The content there is so far from Neil that it makes my head spin. It's true. I do wish that when people leave the blog world, they would send us a note just to say - I'm outta here, done, kaput and on to star in a Hollywood movie or something. I worry.
Its true Kvatch. Coincidentally I clicked on Neil's blog a few days ago and made the very same discovery. There's a bunch like that I can think of.
If I ever stop without notification, suspect foul play.
I'll have to check on enigma. Didn't know she was among the missing.

When Worried American and I took our break, we let everyone know. (Not that we have that many readers but the ones we have are loyal).

And at our age of course, people are bound to think the worst.
maybe they can start posting their blog's on the back of milk cartons?
Sewmouse... You, Diva, and Peacechick are about as geographically dispersed as it gets in this nation. That's gonna be a helluva coffee break. ;-)

Abi, Peacechick, Chuck... I tend to think that there must be people just waiting to grab a popular blog name. Karena's re-emerged within a day of her taking it down, and the person who grabbed it doesn't really seem interested in blogging. I'm not even sure what language is being used on NeilShakespeare.
SA... But then will have to send out the search parties...on sleds, right?

Granny... Welcome back. Didn't know you were making the rounds again. Are you back to blogging?

Enigma's been absent since February.

maybe they can start posting their blog's on the back of milk cartons?

RAFFI... A sort of, "dispatches from the beyond"? ;-)
Kvatch, I shall remain respectfully non-psychic about the rest of your list.

But as for that coffee break Sew suggests, I am a travel professional, (don't try this at home) and can work wonders.
well, that was news to me. That shows how out of the loop I have been. too bad to see Neil disappear. he brought something very unique to the blogosphere.
Diva... Thanks. If you do arrange that coffee break, you won't plan it for a central location will you? I think that would put you all in Oklahoma. ;-)

Comandante, Neil was quite unique, though I could understand a certain amount of exhaustion on his part. Imagine the amount of time that went into his paste-ups.
I don't know what happened to Neil, but I think a while back he became ill and never really fully recovered....or perhaps, he is busy making collages at Gitmo...who knows...
I'm such the slacker that I just found out today about our Neil being MIA! WAAAAHHHH!!! His was one of the first blogs on my Sidebar back in the day.

Here's sumpthin to ponder tho': His disappearance seems to coincide with the addition of a Hindi script button on Blogger's Dashboard. Perhaps this "Malaca" character is Actually our dear Mr Shakespeare in cognito. Hmmm...

Knowing Neil, is not all that unlikely now, is it?

WS... Say what? I know that his blogging had dropped off a bit since last fall, but hadn't heard anything about an illness. Sad, if true. Here's to hoping that he recovered.

Michael... That's interesting, but even if it was Neil, even the photos don't look like something he'd do, and why delete the rest of his material? Such a loss.
I know it, Kvatch. Is why the {sigh}

Sure hope he's feeling *Crisp* otherwise.
It's good to see that others have been mystified and frustrated by Neil's disappearance as well. I was hoping that someone had discovered the answer. Let's hope he's OK and just resting up for his next blog effort. I thought the same thing as michael for a moment, but if so then why take away all the archived materials?
Michael, JM... Well, with luck, Neil archived his own material before he went away. A blog is often more writing, more thinking, more creating, than most people would have done in a lifetime a generation ago.
wow, i too just discovered he's missing

dang, first enigma, then rory shock now neil.....

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