Biometrics, Your Finger, and the Feds

Caption this ad...

Option 1:
My spouse installed these nifty locks, and all I got was a severed digit.

Option 2:
Finally! All those fingerprint databases really pay off.


That DOES sound risky!
Let us know how it works out. Keep those fingers tucked away.
I just give it the finger, and I'm in!
Do frogs even have fingerprints? Thought y'all had suction-cups, or sum'thin'. {-;
LOL I like what fashiongirl said :)
John... Risky and expensive I'll bet.

Peacechick... Actually I just pulled the ad off of MCCS1977--wouldn't install the things myself.

Fashiongirl... LOL! :-)
Michael... True, true. I'm waiting for the biometric, bulbous eye-scanner.

PoP... Maybe we could get something that reads the geometry of your flipping it off? I mean we've got tech that can scan your face right?
could we install one of those with a picture of GWB on it at RNC headquarters... then all the Republics would have to flip Him off to get in...

All your fingerprints belong to us.

Sewmouse... It's a delicious thought, but do you really think the RNC is going to use these things? Don't want the FBI just walking in now do they? ;-)

Diva... :-) But it's just not quite right without the "are":

"All your fingerprints are belong to us."
The Discovery Channel show Mythbusters proved biometric fingerprint door locks to be useless. Cracking them is easy.

1) get the fingerprint of a person authorized to use the lock, say, by stealing a glass he used in a resturant;

2) photo enlarge the print;

3) using a black Sharpie, fill in the gaps in the enlarged print;

4) reduce it back to finger size and emboss the print onto ballistics gel;

5) place the fake fingerprint on your own finger (so it has a nice pulse) and lick it to simulate sweat;

6) turn the knob, you're in.

They also busted motion dectectors by walking into the room holding a sheet.

There is more faith than science to ultra-modern security devices.
KnightErrant while I agree it's not that scientific or complicated, hey it kind of is, at least complicated.

That's alot of trouble to go through if you aren't a cat burglar by trade.

Of course I can barely hook up my printer....

I wouldn't give anyone one finger prints...I've seen movies. I saw Gattaca.

"It's okay, you're not a Republican. Come on in!"
KnightErrant... That's fascinating! I didn't even know about the pulse thing. Is that for real?

Personally, I prefer a key--a complex one that requires lots of tumblers.

Lo... With the Feds moving toward fingerprinting and DNA sampling for just being accused of a crime, many law-abiding citizens may end up with their newly acquired locks compromised.

Snave... Do 'Thuglicans have a particular smell, DNA sequence, fingerprint? Could we use that?

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