Alba Gu Brath!

With the election of the Scottish National Party in early May, Scotland is poised to go it alone. Sean Connery eloquently makes the case for independence in Washington Post OpEd, but here at Blognonymous we say:


If there is a heaven, my Great-great Grandmother Euphemia is looking down right now and smiling.


I thought the headline referred to President Bush attempting to say "Abu Ghraib."w
I hope it happens. It would be about time! Your Gr-Gr-GM can dance a reel with my Gr-Gr-Gr-GP, a devilish rake whose family crest is three rotting heads stuck on pikes. ~~ D.K.
Tafka... I think that Bush did flub it that way once, but when he got a nasty email from Tony Blair, he back-tracked pretty quick. :-)

D.K... I've got a bunch of other Scottish ancestors, but you'd need to head back about 10 generations for those. Euphemia is the closest. Though I'm sure that my 2G-Grandfather (an Englishman) would be very put out if your 3G-GF made a move on his wife. Even in the afterlife. If fact, I'm sure that Scottish independence would not sit well with him, being a "The sun never sets on the British Empire" sort of man. ;-)
Now I know how you became a frog. You have a relative named Euphemia. At any rate, can California make a bid for independence?
England may just become a much, much smaller island.
You have a relative named Euphemia.

Diva... Listen, Euphemia is one stern looking woman. Of course, most of 2G -Grandmothers, at least the ones I have photos of, are pretty stern looking. Wouldn't want to tangle with her over Scottish independence...or anything else for that matter.

Aaron... Indeed--the continual contraction of of the mighty empire.
Hmmm.... I wonder if Scotland would consider forming a country with Oregon. ;-)
I say good riddance! What has Scotland done for me lately.
TomCat... What a wonderful alliance that would be. Oregonians can hunt the game, and Scots can turn it into haggis! ;-)

Ah Captain...you've got it all wrong. What hasn't Scotland done for you?

Oregon Ducks and Scottish Bagpipes! LOL
Strike up the bag pipes and play SCOTLAND THE BRAVE!!!!!! I am one proud Scotsman reading this. Both of my father's parents are of Scottish ancestry--One from the Campbell clan and one McDonald clan. Down with The Queen!!

A double enjoyment for me is that Duncan Brown who is poised to become the next PM of Britain is a Scot. from the Glasgow area where my father's side came from. :)
By the way, if you want to add a banner to your blog supporting the SNP you can go here:


I just added one to my blog and It looks great. :)

Suzie-Q... Oh the howling!

James... "Scotland until judgment!"

Though my 2G-Grandmother was a Thompson of unknown heritage, if you go back far enough you find a whole bunch of MacLaren's in my family (father's side).
My ancestors are from Scotland too, and they are smiling right now as they dance a jig. I am proud of my ancestors and heritage and it's nice to see someone else blog about scottish things.
Your haggis is on fire.
They deserve independence for their lovely shortbread and scones! The Bruce and William Wallace will be verra hoppy!
All my Scots friends who have made any comment about it are thrilled but cautious, since the majority is so slim. For their sakes, I hope the independence can be achieved!
Actually I just read up a bit more on Gordon Brown and he seems a bit of a sell out to Scotland. At least as far as independence is concerned.
...nice to see someone else blog about scottish things.

Robert... It was my pleasure. I wasn't even aware of the SNP's commitment to independence before I read the OpEd but was very glad to hear of it.

PT... Nice haggis!

Sumo... MMMMM, shortbread!
Sewmouse... When you say that the "majority is so slim," do you mean in the Scottish parliament or with the people? I thought that the SNP, at least, had a pretty good majority.

James... I don't think much of Brown either.

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