The Real Reason Limbo Is Finished


LOL! Ya can't change the rules in the middle of the game! (wish I'd had thought of this for my post on limbo!)
Just think how pissed all those souls trapped in limbo for millennia must be.

The real question is, will the new multitudes be a strain on or a boon to the Heavenly economy?
No, the REAL question is -- how does this affect Harry Belafonte?
Ron, Julie... Right you are, and I think that Julie is right, all those souls that are suddenly going to pop into heaven...gonna give the existing residents something to think about. I can see it now:


Mr_Blog... Harry actually had a hand in the decision--consultation with Il Papa you know.
With all them garments on, how can they get low? I know, holy strip limbo...done to the samba.
Limbo, Shimbo ... the last paragraph of your link says it all to me : The Divine Comedy. ~~ D.K.
Those are Cardinals?? I always thought the National League teams' uniforms had a retro look, but this is taking it a little too far.
WS... Actually gravity just takes over, pulls 'em right down.

D.K... I was going for a little Divine Comedy there, but in the end I'll probably just end up in hell for mocking God's Vicar on Earth.

Sadbuttrue... Hey if you can't play with a little style then what's the point?
I cud outlimbo da pope any day,mon.
Thank god they've done away with limbo - my back is KILLING me.
Peacechick... I hear that Benedict is pretty limber for...you know...an octaganarian.

Diva... First limbo, next I bet they get rid of genuflecting. What is the world coming to?
We actually learned that limbo was in limbo back in Catholic school in the '70s! lol!

Talk about bureaucracies taking and eternity to get anything done... :-)

Seriously though, the whole idea of "salvation" is silly enough. Adding the inevitable adjunct that infants need it, as the church has always done, should really put such beliefs to rest once and for all. Can you believe those folks have college educations??? InCREDible!
Oh, he meant THAT limbo.

I thought he meant this limbo.

Michael...you mean limbo...for 'the limbo'? Talk about your putting the kibosh on fun. Personally I think that the laity would be pretty pissed that they're going to let in all those heathens from the pre-Christ days--limbo, it's not just for infants.

SA... Nope, apparently The Limbo is very popular at those conclaves.
I wish so many Americans weren't so good at ducking under the Limbaugh pole...

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