The Meme That Goes Around, Comes Around...

About 4 weeks ago, Blognonymous was tagged by John Good of Left in Aboite as one of his favorite blogs, an honor that I then bestowed on my own list-o-five. Well that meme has morphed into "Blogs that make you think," and lo Blognonymous has been tagged again, this time by Lisa Renee of Liberal Common Sense.

I'm honored to be on Lisa's list--especially since I have the attention span of...well...a frog and don't tend to think of Blognonymous as a bastion of deep thinking. But let me take this opportunity to point you in the direction of some Real Thinker's Blogs:

Club Lefty - BHFRIK makes mincemeat of all sorts of right-wing nonsense.
Grub Street Journal - Cartledge is as fine a writer as you'll find in the Blogsphere.
Prague Twin - If you're not reading our ex-pat comrade's blog, you should be.
SamGail - Gracie's thoroughness makes the rest of use look like ADD bloggers.

These blogs may not have quite the readership of...say...Crooks & Liars, but they're worth every neuron you devote to them.


Wow. Thanks. I'm honored.

Does this mean I'm "it" and I have to do the same? Oh, who cares. I'll do it anyway.
Now you have me blushing froggy. Thank you.
Praguetwin, Cartledge... You're both very welcome.

When it comes to waxing eloquent on the topic du jour, you guys have it all over me.
I missed this the first time around, but I wanted to commend you for giving Tina at F&B some well-deserved recognition. She's my hero, and I want to be just like her when I grow up.
She's my hero, and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I'd settle for Blognonymous being just like F&B when it grows up.
Blognonymous is darn good in its own right. One of my favorite places, too.

And is there something wrong with us ADD bloggers????
Man... I just saw this and I must say that I am deeply honored. I very much appreciate it.

Thank you.
Nvisiblewmn... Many thanks, and there isn't anything wrong with us ADD bloggers--just gets in the way of that whole thinking thing. ;-)

BHFRIK... My pleasure sir. Your blog stands out.

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