Kvatch's Kommandos Vote To Impeach

Kvatch's Kommandos take to the streets of San Francisco in support of A28.

Click the photos for a larger image.
Additional photos posted at If I Ran The Zoo and Kommandos Project.


Didn't bust out the Kommandos, but I did go to the local demonstration. Fire the liars!
The world is a better place with Kvatch's Kommados in it.
they may be little, but they are powerful. Keep 'em coming.
Thanks all. Posing the little guys was a lot of fun. Got a lot of support from people that caught me placing them.
Pelosi is taking calls from the public to register their wish to impeach Bush & Cheney. I called and voted. Pelosi's phone # is: 202-225-0100.
Nice job, Kvatch. I bet you really did enjoy leaving those around town.

Cheering as loud as I can - yeah!
Thanks Gracie! The Armini and Apple photos were particularly fun. People kept staring as I was searching for just the right angle.

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