Cyberdyne Systems, Vice President Model 101

As the 'Draft Cheney' campaign swings into high gear, concerns about the Vice President's health are being raised. Pundits wonder if the Veep will be able to endure an arduous campaign...

Cheney Terminator

...but today those concerns were put to rest when the Vice President announced that he would move his brain to a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 hyper-alloy combat chassis.

Speculation is already brewing about a trip to Iraq to deal with the insurgents once and for all.


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Um, I clicked on that "Draft Cheney" link and now I can't stop laughing!! Are they serious? Was that an Onion article? Was that a belated April Fool's joke?
Kathy... Thanks for the link. Ironically, Guru.com was a competitor of a startup that I founded a number of years ago in the freelancer space. But, I'm employed again and am no longer looking.

Pam... I think that it was just a speculative OpEd--gave me a chance to to take the idea to a somewhat fancifull conclusion.
I think Cheney should be drafted as well....by the army! Send his ass over to Iraq to fight these wars he profits from but doesn't believe in enough to risk his own life.
We can rebuild him, we have the technology.... But then, can we just ship the new Big Dick to Baghdad? Or will they just not have him there either?
The concern over Darth Cheney is whether his heart would stand up to a presidential race; but he has no heart.
You do realize that if he enters the race, the nomination is his. The primary motivating force for the 27 percenters is pissing off the liberals...so naturally Cheney would be their first choice. ;-)
Tell me he won't be "bach." (I know it's not funny....)
Lew... Dude's a little old, but with his new combat chassis age wouldn't be a problem any more. ;-)

Windspike... I love it, the "Six Million Dollar Veep"!

Diva... It's a good point, but if that's the case then what is Cheney's pace maker doing in there?
Tom... And at the nominating convention, Cheney brings a shotgun and rallies the faithful with a cry of, "Those dirty l'bruls will have to pry my values from my cold dead fingers!"

Nvisiblewmn... Or worse, "Elect me if you want to live." :-)
Do you realize all liberals are drooling at the thought of running against the Cheaty. His poll numbers are in the deepest hole. He has a very, very small group of Rethugs still following him and they are only there because they are on strong medication and have promises to go first in the rapture.
I thought we destroyed Skynet ten years ago? How did the machines managed to construct a new model?
I'm not sure Cheney is alive. And if he is, he surly has no soul.
Peacechick... I'm drooling as well. I think a Clinton/Cheney debate would really be something to watch.

Comandante... They discovered the orginal model 101 in a Dell computer parts bin and gave it to the Feds to use as Cheney's new body.

PoliShifter... He's alive, but just barely. Of course being alive does not assure you have a soul.
I think he should make a trip to Riyadh once he's comfortable in his new .. ummm.. skin.

Either there or the Vatican...
Cheney is proof that you can't demonize an actual demon.
I think someone needs to cross the wires to his pacemakers..give him a lil shock to the system.
holy mother of god...
...comfortable in his new .. ummm.. skin.

Michael... "Comfortable in his new chassis"?

SA... It's the eyes isn't it?
Dusty... Would probably perk him up for the those long Bush speeches.

holy mother of god...

Fred... :-) :-) :-) I'll take that as a compliment. Can't let you and the Comandante have all the fun.

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