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Bush admonishes the congressional Democrats,
Accusing them of second-guessing our military commanders.
Arrogantly proclaims that the military doesn't answer to Congress.

Cheney insists that Saddam supported al Qaeda pre-invasion,
Ignoring a Pentagon report that demonstrates otherwise.
But somehow...isn't second guessing the military.


This is baffling and scary.

Their crazy.
The emperor truly has no clothes on.
You know Saddam said the same thing about Cheney.
Since Bush fired all his commanders in Iraq who told him couldn't win there, one wonders how many heads will at the Pentagon for contradicting Dick Permascowl.
Rolling my eyes...gave up on them a long time ago! And K. just to let you know...I didn't write that long post because I like to (hear) my own voice...I write a post every Sunday for another place that requires a long post. Don't think it was easy for me to do that much either! Heh!
The lunatics are currently running the asylum. We need to think positive thoughts en masse for the next 650 days. I don't know how much crazier or over the edge the administration can go during that amount of time, but it's way too much time... ick.
Oh. Well. My goodness. Can we say double-speak?

I'm waiting for Bush and Cheney to get the Blackwater para-military thing going.
Aaron... Not so scary I think, just another step for an administration increasingly disconnected from reality.

SA...and look at where it got him. Do you think the same fate awaits Cheney? (OOPS! Did I say that with my outer voice?)

Lew... Well, seems to me that it was pretty bold for them to put out that report considering the administration's current state of utter denial. So somebody in the Pentagon has some cajones.
Sumo... I'm sorry. It wasn't my intent to offend. I was just ribbing you a bit based on the comment you made in response to my post. I genuinely thought that your post was excellent.

Snave... Sorry, no positive thoughts from this frog. Negative thoughts are what keep me blogging.

Diva... Now that's a scary thought. I've often wondered to what extent the Blackwater's of the world are being used as private military forces of the regime.
I wasn't offended dear froggy one...I just was afraid you'd think I wrote so much being egotistical...and had to really pull that stuff out of my ass to meet a word number deadline. Whew...I was glad when it was over!

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