What Your Contractor Thinks Of You

Two weeks ago I posted on my troubles finding an electrical contractor for a half-day job to install heaters and thermostats in my flat. Over two months, a total of 8 electricians wasted twice the amount of time it took to do the job itself before I was able to find one willing to complete the work.

Well yesterday an electrician's forum linked the post, and I've been getting hits continuously ever since. So in case you're interested in what contractors think of us, the people who pay them, take a gander. Interestingly only one poster seemed concerned about what having 7 of 8 electricians blow off appointments, fail to return calls, or deliver plainly ridiculous estimates says about their profession. In fact, the moderator had this to say:
...but it is obvious that the op in that blog is a pita and extreemly self absorbed.

He honesty believes that there should be a line of electrical contractors waiting to answer his call to install a few crumby heaters for next to no pay.

I would probably be the guy who estimated double the rest. Then I would go back to work happy to konw that he will never call me back.
I'm not sure how this guy figured out what the job cost--perhaps he's psychic. As for the rest...most preferred to cherry pick our comments. Ridiculing us is apparently more fun than addressing any issue the post raised.


that was quite illuminating in bizzaro how-to-lose business way. I knew these guys were jaded in their perceptions of their customers (my hub worked for a large commercial electrical contractor before we started our own sub-contractor biz), but I never knew they could be so oblivious about the business end of their business. It is not good business to blow off appts. ps, I know I'm gonna regret this, but what does "pita" mean? ~~ D.K.
Pain In The Ass! I've never heard that before, it's brilliant. I plan to remind myself to use it more in conversation.
hey, you are getting peoples attention!
One comment someone made, makes sense: One bad apple...

The rest of them were self-centered, egotistical self appointed minor league electrical gods. With that kind of customer relations, they will probably be left at home, playing with their own wires.
It's all ok.

The guy who thinks that he's too important to do the "little measly job" of installing some heaters is obviously far to important to do the job of being the electrical contractor for the large development I'm building across town.

*smiles sweetly*
D.K... I wondered about "pita" myself--couldn't figure out why I was being referred to as a flat rustic loaf...ah! Anyway, I don't put too much stock in whether or not these are good businessmen. That forum's comments have all the earmarks of people blowing off stema when they think no one is listening.

Plainly ridiculous on the Internet.

Mr_Blog: Thanks! As I said I was wondering 'bout that.

Graeme, that link was worth about a hundered hits over two days. I can't believe they thought I wouldn't notice. I'm a traffic voyeur.
Peacechick, Sewmouse...and that really is the point isn't it. I'm not sure how this "moderator" came up with "self-centered pita" from my post. The decision of the first 7 to blow off the job wasn't in my hands, but Sewmouse really nails it. My building has bunches of electrical projects that need to be done, and only #8 is likely to get the work.

As we speculated in the earlier post: Perhaps there's so much work around...
I'll repeat my original statement, "God Bless the free market, you even get a kiss afterwards, really, I mean, sometimes, well..."

It's funny how academic principles of economics fall flat on their face when they walk out the door into the real world. Supply and demand? Take a number. We'll get to you when we're ready, and when you go down the street to our competition, they'll tell you the same.
Fred... No question that this is a supply and demand issue. Especially out here in Babylon by the Bay. When you've got a second and third calls to take, why take the 1/2 day job? But...the smart businessman hedges his bets for when the market turns down. Sure these guys can blow off clients all they want, but they won't get the calls when the market turns down, and it will.

Having been through the Internet bust, I know from experience that what saves your ass when there are no jobs to be found is your contacts and your reputation. Price means nothing. Service means everything.
I'm going to register over there and post a link to this post just to keep the feedback loop going...

Seriously, though...if I were in that sort of job, I would start from the assumption that anyone calling me needs to get something done, and not call them PITAs just because they act like they need something. Just saying.
I bet these contractors are the first to whine that their business isn't doing so great, either!
Kvatch - That is exactly why I do 99% of home-improvements myself. I'm handy, and I can RTFM. . .and I haven't blown up/burned down/killed/maimed anything in the process. . .
Tom...go for it! I'd love for this group to suddenly realize that you can never hide on the Internet.

I bet these contractors are the first to whine that their business isn't doing so great, either!

Hill...probably. We've already got another job for electrician number eight.

John... I definitely hear you, but I just don't have the time or the ambition. Nothing but admiration for do-it-your-selfers, though.
Kvatch, I feel your pain! I must have damaged portion of the brain at birth that is needed to fix anything. Not am I only humiliated of not being a real and handy man but I am totally on the mercy of those who are. You think that gays have it rough? Try to be a man without knowing how to build your house with your bare hands or take the engine apart of your Hummer!
Hello, Kvatch.
Here's your problem-- you're calling an electrician. Wrong move.
That is HVAC/R work. Call an a/c company.

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