The USPS Really Needs A Better Ad Agency

I have very fond memories of Star Wars. Though it looks a little hokey 30 years down the line, at the age of 12, it was everything I had always dreamed science fiction could be.

Just my personal opinion, but his sort of stupidity doesn't honor Star Wars in any way.


A mailbox? What's that for? (Excuse me now, I must answer some emails)
They say we can't molest R2-D2. What fun is that, I ask you.
A mailbox? What's that for?

Lew...got me. ;-)

Peacechick... Not molest, I think, but certainly obscene graffiti, mustaches, stuff like that. I'm getting made just thinking about it.
Your tax dollars at work!
Leave it to the Post Office to put out 30-year old technology and brand it something *new and improved*
It's not tax dollars. The Postal Service is going broke. So what better way to make a few bucks than Star Wars?

On a side note, when I turned 30 my friends and I made a pack to not date girls born after the initial release of Star Wars.

We now no longer date born after Return of the Jedi.
I hate R2-D2…
Oh come on guys, those mailboxes are kind-of cool.
How much is Lucas collecting for the royalties first pops to my mind?
Annie... And not even permanent. I think it's just some kind of cover or "skin".

Fashiongirl... I would be better if the new postal boxes actually delivered your mail to you, accompanied by the obligatory whistles and beeps.

Chrlane... Welcome to Blognonymous. "Hate". You hate the cutest robot in Science Fiction history? [sniff] ;-)
Crackpot, WS... I think you guys have it right. It's all about money, money, money. But what's in it for the USPS, I wonder?

And Crackpot...about that system of yours: Does that meet the half-you-age-plus-seven rule?

Lizzy... In a word... "No". :-) On the other hand if it came up to your door and spit you mail at you...
I always wondered what happened to those Star Wars obsessed boys from grade school. Now I know - they grew up and went to work for the USPS ;-).

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