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Who says Fox News isn't a "real" news organization?

March 18: U.S. army vehicle burns in an eastern suburb of Baghdad, Iraq, reportedly after having been attacked by insurgents.

(They'll probably have fixed the caption by the time you get there,
but maybe it was intended to be a metaphor.)


Still up, and wrong!!
Yep, still there.
Mary, Hari... I'm tickled that they haven't caught it yet. They must have hundreds people linking in.
What they're not telling you is these are the bodyguards of UN Secretary General Ki-Moon throwing themselves on him during the press conference.
Ahahhaha, stil there, Fox noise wins again!
STILL! Fox Spews, they distort, we comply.
Heh, heh heh! That's not me btw...I'm a size 4 diaper!
Fashiongirl... You kid, but I bet that sumo wrestlers would make great bodyguards!

Fred Undeniable Liberal... As of 3:00p the caption hadn't changed. Fox Noise, indeed!

Sumo... I'm glad you got to see this one, and sorry for shamelessly swiping your moniker.
Totally inaccurate reporting! Neither of those Hummers were on fire and the little smoke coming out of the rear pipe of the one still in the air, could be just caused by glare.
very funny. I nearly typed "lol" but I decided it was funny enough to actually write a few words.
Still up...and what are you doing posting at 5:56 AM anyway...it's still dark out at that hour...
We use Fox News as a Comedy Channel. The more they try to be serious the more stupid and laughable they become.

Getting rid of Murdoch was the best thing Australia ever did. Sorry!
Pekka... I think perhaps they got a little overzealous with the Photoshop.

Graeme... I think that it's still up, 3 days later.

Windspike... I rarely sleep more than 6 hours a night. So...in bed at 11:00p, up at 5:00a. Just the way it works.

Daniel... Oh thanks a lot! ;-)
Monday, Mar 26, and it's STILL up wrong!

How very "professional"...


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