Prominent Christian Calls On Science To Correct Homosexuality

Of all the objectionable stuff I've read in the last week (and for some reason there was a lot), none was worse than the comments of Dr. Albert Mohler, the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Christian radio commentator.

You see...Dr. Mohler is calling for the acceleration of research into the biological basis of homosexuality. He feels that, once that basis is determined, a pre-natal test may be developed which he believes will 1) Force liberals into a quandary about whether or not to have a homosexual child; 2) Lead to a hormonal "cure" for homosexuality, and 3) End homosexuality once and for all. Where this Christian eugenicist stumbles is in his repeated attempts to transfer right-wing relativism onto the left.

First he assumes that liberals, when faced with the choice, will abandon the courage of their convictions and abort a child rather than have a homosexual baby. He transfers his inability to stick to his own convictions--that homosexuality is a choice and not genetically determined-- when science presents the opportunity, for a purpose no more noble than ridiculing the left.

Second, he makes the unfounded assumption that having a homosexual child is the same "shameful" experience for liberal parents that it is for conservatives. He then assumes that liberals would choose genetic correction rather than go through with it. Now, setting aside the fact that Dr. Mohler probably doesn't know any liberal parents, he's again transfers his own twisted values onto the left and fabricates their response in order to prove his point:
If that happens, how many parents -- even among those who consider themselves most liberal -- would choose a gay child? How many parents, armed with this diagnosis, would use the patch and change the orientation?
Answer: None...well...at least among those of us on the left. Dr. Mohler practically salivates at the notion that a "perfect moral storm" as he puts it will snare all the groups he so desperately despises, homosexuals, feminists, leftist parents. The problem for Dr. Mohler and his ilk is that, unlike Christians who faith is so hollow that they gladly let a little science in when it serves a political purposes, we on the left don't abandon our principles so easily.

If you'd like to contact Dr. Mohler and let him know what kind of ghoul he is, his email is here.

Addendum: The original version of this post had to be removed from the Blogger database due to a problem with the dating and how it was included in the RSS feed. I've restored the post but the comments are gone. Sorry about that.

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