Lessons Learned

What lesson can we take away from the resignation of Alberto Gonzales' Chief of Staff and the Libby conviction?

Don't ever be "second banana" at Bu$hCo!

(Might be a good lesson for the AG before too long.)


Great observation. Uh, is Cheney no 2 to Bush or Bush no 2 to Cheney?
Mary - They're BOTH number 2 . . .to all of us! ;)
I'm just glad Gonzales is on the defensive. If he's fighting for his political life, maybe he'll be too busy to keep on shredding the Constitution.
Not matter how you look at it Peacechick, somebody's second banana, and in Bu$hCo it means you get the to do the dirty work, you get caught, and you get axed.l

John... I think that Peacechick has a point. Often seems that Cheney is the top dog.

Tom... Amen to that!

I wonder if Gonzales is arrested... will he claim that HE has the right to Habeus Corpus????

*snickering shamelessly*
Can you imagine the memos coming from Roger Ailes to his "journalists" at Fox?

"Tough week everyone. Try to find something, ANYTHING, good to report. Hey, I heard Laura makes great nachoes!"
I really hate too say this, but he does have the right to Habeus Corpus.

Now if Der Fuehrer Bush and\or the Head of Homeland Security worry that he might spill his guts and talk, then they will label him an Enemy Combatant which will strip him of all his rights.

That's the only way to protect themselves from criminal indictment for there crimes incase Gonzales don't want to accept being the fall guy.

God Bless.
John Good said exactly what I was going to say! Great one!

I think they are basically just a big bunch of bananas. Ones that are going bad, and that are riddled with big, evil hairy spiders.
Sewmouse, Anon-Paranoid... No need for habeas corpus if you're not detained, and nobody's going to detain Gonzales.

CitizenBoo... Blech! Nachos from a pasty white woman who graduated from SMU? They can do better than that. Hey I hear drudge is got new figures on Iraq that show the surge is succeeding!

Snave... Eeeeeewwwwww! Rotten bananas!

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