Happy Birthday To Me

The way I see it, if you can't toot your own horn on your birthday, when can you? So today, on the 301st (that's in 'Frog Years') anniversary of my birth, I'm going to announce that my humble blog was nominated for not just one but two 2006 Koufax Awards. Check it out:

Not sure what kind soul nominated Blognonymous (and I sure as hell don't know what a 'Consonant Level Blog' is), but thanks. You've made my b-day.


Consonant Level Blog: Most unusual use of consonants in a blog. :)

Happy B-Day!
Happy birthday, and as to who nominated you...

*walks away whistling*
hey, I didn't even get the Sandy Koufax part until hub explained he was a great LEFT-handed pitcher. Consonant? Have you ever done a no-vowel post? Mst ppl abbr ths wy: Hppy 301, Mr Frg! (may your lilly pad always be in bloom) ~~ D.K.
Hppy Blgvrsry, cngrtltns, & gd lck!
You guys are great! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

I think "consonant" may have to do with it's use as a substitute for "harmonious" or "agreement". Not sure.

And Fred... Dude! You're a mensch! I thought it might have been Tom Hilton, as I post over there sometimes. I'm honored!
Happy birthday, frogman. And you we're probably nominated by several people. At least two apparently.
Happy Birthday, Froggieman!!!

And Congratulations on your nominations! You don't think that "Consonant" might be a typo for "Consistant" maybe huh?

and feliz cumpleanos!
Wow, that sounds like a filet and cabernet moment!

Happy birthday too, personally I think all of the cool people are born in March.

happy birthday and congrats are in order!! and thanks to whoever nominated you! you deserve it! :)
Best wishes on your birthday and for the Koufax noms.

With love from the G-list,
Just when I was running out of justifiable excuses to get hammered, came these two. Thank you, and thank you, Signor Frog!
May you have many tadpoles
Sewmouse, Supergirlest... Thanks so much. I'm tickled about the Koufax nominations. The humerous post that got nominated is not the one I probably would have chosen, but it is a good one.

SA... That's good to hear. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Lisa... Tonight? Probably small plates and martinis with the Frogette, but you got the idea spon on.
Betmo... Thanks. It's been a good day.

Mags... Thanks as well. Sorry to have missed the last Barbarian function, but I'll be at the next one.

Pekka... I'll be lifing a few as well a little later this evening.

Aaron. Thanks for stopping by, and though the Frogette and I are a little beyond the tadpole stage, the sentiment is appreciated.
consonant? I'm not sure what that either - perhaps the opposite of vowel driven blog? Most consontants for a blog title?

Happy birtday anyway Kvatch.
Actually I went back and looked, it was bluegal, I think that nominated you, I believe I nominated you for best commenter...sux that the nomination process wasn't all on the same blog.

Best Consonant Level Blog:

This is a new category, overwhelmingly supported in the new category poll, and one whose name I greedily pilfered from Attaturk (sitting in for Atrios last week.) It seeks to recognize those moderate-sized blogs which have not yet, or perhaps are happy not to, reach the ranks of the "A-listers". Everyone has their own favorite due to content, wit or ambience, or even the esprit des corps of the comments section. So who is your "go to" moderate-sized blog?
Happy birthday to my favorite frog.

I'll rush right over and see what's involved in voting for you.
WS... Fred's got the definition which, I guess, sort of goes along with the "harmonious" notion. But Fred...BlueGal? She and I have never gotten to linking each other. Not sure she even reads Blognonymous.

Hey Granny. Thanks for popping by. Regarding the Koufax Awards: I don't even think the voting is open yet. May need to wait a bit.
Happy birthday, frogmeister!
Congratulations on your nomination.

Now I know why it's been said to Beware the Ides of March, its frog day.

By the way, Happy Birthday Frog.

God Bless.
Mazel Tov and Yom Huledet Sameach!!

Toot and the whole world toots with you ...
Happy Birthday! And may I add that the awards were well-deserved!
Oh, this is wonderful news! You deserve it and tons of other good things, too. Congratulations and Happy, happy birthday.
What, you don't like pantys? (jk)
Happy birthday, kvatch!
Happy Birthday, Froggy! I'll tilt back an extra Guinness in your honor. (No need to thank me. It's the least I can do.)
congrats and happy B-day dude!
Happy Birthday and congratulations!
No worries. I didn't go either.
Happy Birthday
Thanks everyone...you all are awesome!

I'll put up a post when the Koufax voting opens and beg you to vote for me. :-)
No beggin' necessary Frog. Heartily Happy Congratulations on both the 301 and the Double-Nominations!!

We'll be votin' like Chicagoans. Early an' often!

Even if I am a day late, HAPPY EVERYTHING! Cool! Eat some extra bugs to celebrate :)
I join the rest in wishing you a most happy birthday. And cool as cucumber on the Koufax nominations. Rocks!!
Congratulations! It couldn't have happened to a better frog. Also, happy birthday!
Belated congratulations on the Koufax Award nomination. It's well deserved, especially in the humorous category (because I don't know what a consonant level blog is). Be sure to let us know when the voting begins.

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