Getting Old Sucks, Flying Sucks...

...but flying once you're old really sucks!


Damn, it's a yes/no question easyJet...
So you have to fly with the cows and pigs? Egad. One more reason to hate flying
And now Gramma is considered "Livestock"????

Someone REALLY needs to have a bit of a chat with EasyJet about their website designer.
I have a trip planned for April, and I'm petrified. I haven't been on a plane in 5 years -- and I may not get on this one. I'm already having nightmares.

Maybe sitting next to a goat will help.
Guess it's better than being referred to as "dead stock" ... although the way they cram you in, a coffin would allow more room. ~~ D.K.
Sewmouse... I suspect that somebody lost a job over that one.

PoP... The Register opined that EasyJet's gaff was "refreshingly honest". ;-)
Fred... The just need to get their "tags" right.

Lizzy... I'm sorry. Just keep telling yourself how much safer you are in a jet than in your car. (I know, I know...doesn't work for me either.)

D.K... "Deadstock"! LOL! :-)
I used to love to fly here and there, flitting about the country like a butterfly, but now I do not fly. They don't even handle coffins very well - throwing them around, breaking and sometimes dislodging parts of the crate. This I know from shipping dead relatives to their desired burying site.
The only surprise there is that it's just old people. My experience is that anyone outside of First Class is treated like livestock.
Peacechick... I wished that I lived in a place where flying wasn't necessary. I personally like train travel having become a very nervous flyer in my dottage.

Tom... Well, nobody got to see what category they use for other questions. ;-)
I LOVED flying when I was in my prime and had a few pennies to rub together. Besides jetting to foreign lands, when in the states I sometimes took a trip to another city or state primarily for the flight, although I'd manufacture an excuse to go.

Now in my dotage, the desire is still with me but all the hassles I read about with security precautions, etc. I think I'd just as soon stay home. Or travel by train, as Kvatch mentions. Get to see more scenery that way and a pleasant trip.
Upon further review...

It appears this is a nifty little photoshop job. The actual site is here: Linky and if you check the "date created" and the "Last updated", you'll see what I mean.

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