Bush's War

Surviving Iraq
Thanks to the Frogette for finding this picture,
and here's some information on the book he's reading.


Too bad Bush didn't read that book BEFORE starting this nightmare.

Remember when we found out that he didn't know there were Sunnis & Shiites in Iraq? Unforgiveable.
That young guy probably knows a lot more than Bush or anyone else in his administration. Good find, Frogette.
I only hope Bush didn't write this book!
Lizzy...we had to have an Iraq in order to have the book, and that may be the greater tragedy.

Peacechick... Since that photo is from the El Paso Times, I'm willing to bet that the soldier pictured is about to be shipped out from Ft. Bliss.

Fashiongirl...no. If Bush had written it, the title would have been: "Everything I Know About Iraq, I Learned From Condi."
I pray that book helps him. He doesn't look like an idiot, but I wanna scream "it's too late now". I'd like a follow-up on this guy after his tour. Does anyone know his name or unit? ~~ D.K.
D.K... From the article:

"Sgt. 1st Class Roland West of the 31st Combat Support Hospital..." They will be training in Wisconsin before heading to Iraq. The article is here.
Okay, froggie, we're having trouble communicating for some reason! I just left a comment on this post and it's not showing up. What's up???

Anyway, let me try again. I made the comment that a book like that was inevitable I suppose. I also thanked you for the link. I usually buy my books online and didn't know about that one.

(Please forgive if this ends up being a duplicate and my original comment shows up.)
I hope I don't have to see his name in the newspaper. I hope I don't have to come downstairs on a smoke break and see one more funeral ceremony being practiced.
Now do they have An Idiot's Guide To Surviving The Bush Administartion?

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